Winter Anime 2022 in a Nutshell

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Marin best girl.

Edited by: Bakashift

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  1. 7:00 step away from the feet
    Lol, didn't noticed the first time I watched this, but how….🤯 Just how can she step away from the feet if they keep following her 🤣

  2. akebi sailer uniform is an art piece actually. the whole seris created another best girl who can compete with the blonde cosplayer. but i get it, this type of anime is not Gigguk's taste. cute girl doing cute things and piece of life show.

  3. Those who just seeing worlds end harem for the first time there's a little detail that gigguk left out…another male character named shouta I blv…literally fucked every girl in his class even his teacher lol..if the plot was revolved around the lead MPC alone this anime wld be a disappointment…

  4. Why is nobody talking about Takagi-san season 3? How many slice of life anime gets three seasons and a movie? Hell how many creators get anime adaptations of three of their works in the same year? Yamamoto, Souichirou is an amazing slice of life creator and I will shout his praise till the rest of you weebs see him for the genius he is

  5. Oh Girls Frontline, the girls aren't guns actually… they're just regular bioroids (skeletons are slightly metallic though) called "Dolls" and they use the guns as codenames when working for Griffin & Krueger. Girls with their real names revealed: the girl with UMP9 submachine gun is called Rena, the maid waitress with Hanyang type 88 rifle is called Koujou Ai (no wonder she calls herself Ai chan all the time), the huge boobed chick with SPAS-12 shotgun is called Sabrina Franchi.
    There's not too many names revealed yet… just some.

    But yes you can go to bed with them, they have their holes purely for pleasure. Pretty sure the woman with Dr DSR 50 is a former brothel sexbot since she asks commander to come her room alone at night.

  6. Dang. No comments on Princess Connect: Re:Dive’s amazing animation. Definitely competing with Demon Slayer for best animation at least so far

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