Why We Don't Watch Anime Anymore

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  1. i think's this is a problem that comes up when you stop watching a few anime that you're interested in and you just watched every single new shit every single year, it's not about quantity guys, it's about quality
    20% of all anime is pure garbage; 60% is just plain, boring, and repetitive
    it's the remaining 20% that is worth watching

  2. Power fantasies are fine… it's just that there are too many of them that are too similar. You can watch one maybe even a couple of those animes and really really enjoy it but after that you can't anymore, it's like hitting a brick wall, at least it was for me.

  3. Yea I watched anime for years. Then I noticed a few years back a certain genre that I wasn't into take hold. Like Isekai. Slice of life, I hate these shows. Too many shows started to become that. And nothing truly original was really coming out like the old days. I mean sure after you watch so much anime you start to notice similar plots and can pretty much tell the story from the start. But if done right that's not a big issue. There is the odd anime show that isn't bad. But it's getting fewer and fewer.

  4. More than anything watching anime is personal preference than anything else. Lets face it. Japan produced gazillion of anime's already . Plots might be similar but each anime has different flavor. Unless it has been produced by same studio / manga artist it will be different than other things. Best analogy for anime is chicken. At the core it still is chicken but you can cook chicken in awful lot of different ways and you will still be able to enjoy chicken everyday. Same goes for anime. Its personal preference.

  5. I never got bored of anime, I just think most of it has always been bad so I only watch 2~ anime a year.

    It's not specific to any anime – it's all media. There are plenty of bad books, movies. etc.

    I do have a little bone to pick with anime humor though. It's so bad generally, I know there's a culture difference and sometimes puns aren't translated correctly but anime humor is like "hee baldie poop punch-slapstick hee".

  6. Respectfully disagree about the snk anime vs manga thing. I think the action sequences are the best drawn in all mangas, maybe even comics, ever. Especially in the early volumes when Isayama wasn't good at drawing, his fort…e? is the action sequences, the chicken scratch on those adds sooooo much power and dynamic in the scenes that I feel just evaporated for the most part in the anime.

  7. Honestly I think you guys should take a break on anime for a while lol I took a break because of burnout and when I came back watching anime again about a year later I came back loving it more than ever I started watching older series as well I don't watch anime by season I did that for the last 3 years and had a massive burnout I found anime uninteresting and boring by that time then came back again I guess its just that you need to cleanse your taste on anime frequently lol anyway have a good time recovering from your burnout

  8. When I was younger I really enjoyed anime so much. Everything was new and badass to me. It was like a door opening and just being surprised with what you found. As I got older I slowly got bored and I'm sad in a way for losing that childish like enthousiasm. I just miss the hype I felt.

  9. Even tho anime is very predictable I still want to watch it because it makes you laugh and have fun.
    Some animes are just trash and you rather drink toilet water than watch that. But overall animes are just for entertainment same with games.
    And as you play you noticed that everything felt the same and just noticed that you wasted you're whole time on one thing.

  10. It's not that you've fallen out, I bet you guys find some modern animes amazing, but it's most of these trends that starts getting predictable that causes a lot more older anime lovers to "Fall out" as kids or teens we never really experienced these tropes which we started to love a lot, and I know that a lot of Video games and animes can produce the same tropes but worst and others the best, but it depends on how that trope is shown, I love a lot of comedy and screaming and angry makes me laugh (Which is why I adore The Great Jahy will not be defeated) but we just start to want to see something different, it's human nature I just turn off my brain and watch them and even if I can predict it I can still enjoy it (Which is why spoilers for me never effects my experience and still find it impactful)

  11. I feel one thing that's an issue as well is that when you grow up, you gain more awareness of the concept of "demographic target". The more you watch anime, the more you realize "this anime wasn't made for me", and then you have to choose between abandoning/ignoring and find other ways to enjoy the one in question.

  12. I can agree with these statements. I haven't really watched any "new" anime since like 2016. I've started some newer animes. But their just so boring. The characters don't engage me at all. So for the last few years I've just been rewatching animes I've seen a hundred times before because it's more exciting and the characters grab my attention. Because their unique and not what I'm gonna call cookie cutter characters.

  13. Wish they would take from Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash where characters died it was hard to level up and realistic plus had a story line and characters in the ln had build up and a background unlike solo leveling sorry solo fans all that manga is about is leveling up and fighting but we need a Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash season 2 and more isekai anime like it

  14. i stopped watxhing anime a long time ago and i try going back to it every once in a while but it never lasts

    Honestly not just anime. Most entertainment is like that.

  15. I'm not sure if you guys will see this or if you already read it but a series that I would consider one of my all time favorites is to your eternity. It's written by the same person of a silent voice and is just so Interesting to read. The pacing in the series is just soo good. And the character development is a joy to read. I recommend or wanted to bring it up, I guess 😅🤷‍♀️, is because to me it is different. The way it's set up and how it's told is something I haven't seen before. So I was wondering about your opinion on it as guys who have watch anime longer then I have.

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