When Anime Twins Sisters So Thirsty for Your Love

When Anime Twins Sisters So Thirsty for Your Love

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💟💟💟 The list of the anime in this video are:
⭐ 00:00 Best Anime Twins
01. 00:03 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
02. 02:04 Date A Live II
03. 03:24 Nyan Koi!
04. 04:48 DanMachi
05. 06:04 Demi-chan wa Kataritai
06. 08:21 To LOVE-Ru Darkness
07. 09:14 Kiss x Sis
08. 11:19 Clannad
09. 13:37 Durarara!!
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  1. If you are very Depressed, watch Clannad (very wholesome) 😀
    Edit: with funni moments

  2. Having twins for my wives is a wet dreams that'll always stay dry IRL.

    (That means it'll never happen.)

  3. In the first anime shown(Baka and Test), the twins are brother and sister, but the brother is a trap!😄

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