When an Anime Character doesn’t Explain their Abilities

Now I see why animes take 30 minutes explaining the powers 😂😂

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  1. This reminds me of king from one punch man even though he has no power. He just stand there… menacingly

  2. Notice how they never reveal their abilities to each other in Naruto? XD they explain through like a crowd member or in a monologue but they're not outright like "Madara my sharingan ability is to control travel between here and a pocket dimension"

  3. Diavolo: An anime character that explains his ability because nobody can understand it even after the explaination.

  4. I can’t wait for RDC's anime y’all’s characters have creative abilities. Btw what is the man's power thooo.

  5. He saying who hit me who hit me…what's your ability?

    Him: it was my nigghas, the power of friendship & we just jumped yo AZZ

  6. Basically the gist of JoJo's at some point. Never tell anyone your stand ability so people can't fight you, before you do whatever the fuck you can do, lmao.

  7. They explain the abilty because most likely the villain is cocky and believes that he could defeat the opponent. Kind of like he thinks that he should explain his ability before finishing them off. They only do it because they are cocky

  8. he's a pokemon trainer. if he snaps his hand he summons his pokemons, and if he claps he captures the pokemon and when he circled his hands he target locks

  9. Saitama: well I put my fist on your body
    “Wait so no hair change, no growing tails, none of that cool stuff?”
    Saitama: :V

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