We Have ACQUIRED ALL SHINY DIVINES In Anime Fighters Simulator!

All SHINY DIVINES in ONE Video, What more could you ask for? Anime Fighters Simulator
We finally got all the shiny divines in one video except for the pucci, because everyone had him in incubator lol, but its alright… Hope you guys enjoy!

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Game: Anime Fighters Simulator


  1. Im one of the new people i have subbed! Your channel is really interesting to watch keep up the work! I just am really unlucky lol even with the 99 luck gamepass

  2. How you do pro my dpc is only 1b and my friend who's p2w bought everything and he caught up and he only played for 32hrs and I played forn250 hr

  3. 15 shiny bottles… 10 hours exp and massuve luck… all for one fucking shiny mith.. like vryh 15+ luck naaah im mad fucking sold a limited for tha shiet

  4. Everyone gets carried to room 100 By this guy
    Me be like: It's almost Christmas and Im still in room 90 Stuck There

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