Violet Myers Ahegao Fleshlight Review

If you have been keeping up with the latest Fleshlight news like we have, you would know that the Violet Myers Ahegao Fleshlight is now publicly available for sale as of September 6th. The Ahegao sex toy is the butt variation of the pornstar’s lineup with Fleshlight. There are very tight gaps in this toy for maximum stimulation and pleasure. Being the butt version of the violet myer’s waifu there is a noticeably tighter hole at the entrance. This feature gives violet myer’s ahegao a much tighter squeeze right from the start. Violet Myer’s ahegao then opens up and closes repeatedly. In sections of tight and open spaces repeating symmetrically for the length of the Flesh light. The tight gap at the very beginning of the sex toy gives you a squeeze which makes every little bump and crevice deeper inside Violet Myer’s Ahegao feel amazing. Violet is a half latina half turkish official hot girl for Fleshlight as of September 2022. If you are into busty gamer chicks who beat you in call of duty then you will love the tight sucking of the Ahegao Fleshlight. Violet was born near Los Angeles California in February 1997 and she has accomplished alot of things but getting an official partnership with Fleshlight tops them… for now. With the improved natural feeling Fleshskin used in new products there is a unsurpassed realism not found in other male sex toys. The Ahegao (and waifu) flesh lights both deserve a gold medal for male stimulation. The powerful sucking action of Ahegao and waifu are unmatched by almost any other pocket pussy in recent years. For that reason we give Ahegao a rating on 10/10. If there are coupons found/available, they will be posted in an update.

Inch by inch breakdown of Violet Myer’s Ahegao:

Inch 1: Extremely tight gap

Inch 2: Open area with large bumps

Inch 3: Tight narrow ribbed section

Inch 4: Second open area with large bumps

Inch 5-6: Second tight narrow ribbed section

Inch 7: Third Open area with large bumps

Inch 8: Third Tight narrow ribbed section

Inch 9: Final open area with bumps