Top 10 Weirdest Weapons In Anime

What are the weirdest, most unconventional items used as weapons in anime? Lets find out!


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  1. I wish Crona's black blood was on the list because it's pretty nonsensical that Crona uses blood as a weapon

  2. As for the number one personally I would not want them. I mean jumping around in a dress or skirt is risky enough what happens when the one thing besides the skirt your wearing is used to become a weapon. Also there is one thing I would like to add to the list not sure the owners name but I trigun this priest like guy always carrys around a giant cross with him that actually turns into a large gun! Who is the person who decided to turn a holy symbol into a gun.

  3. About your most powerful weapon video you may want to redo it as it is blocked due to Sony so no one can watch it.

  4. If I were an anime character who had a weird weapon I would use Bluetooth earbuds the ones that have the wire cord connecting them

  5. how about that one arabic dude's explosive beyblade launcher from Code Geass Lelouch of The Ressurection?

  6. "Even if he's still a douchenozzle../[?]" snort Douchenozzle? Why didn't that become a trendy insult?

  7. I swear the girl bearing a frying pan is a cliche now…

    Also Elsa using a cup to kill Old Man Rom from Re:Zero isn’t on here?

  8. So what Anime is this From?

    Ok, so I Found a GIF on Google and it shows a Girl Pulling a Large (Wide) Sword from her Vagina. Do you know what Anime that is from? Is it even Anime or a Hentai?

    Funny thing though. This Character takes the Latin Word “Vagina” Literally. Vagina in Latin means “Sheath for a Sword”, look it up. But this Female Character literally Pulls a Sword out of Her Vagina, thus Both the Latin Meaning and the English Definition of the Word is Implemented at the Same Time.

  9. #5 Lethal Weapons Known as Stationery
    "Stationery are never tools to hurt people.
    But if you carry too much, they take on the appearance of lethal weapons.
    Countless stationery as if stored in four-dimensional space.
    Tips of HB pencils are of course delicately sharpened."

    It's not a Madoka weapon, but it is in the Magia Record mobile game.

  10. If you must know, my OC, Aerosmite, has a Guitar Zanpakutou that can control winds everytime he hits the strings.

  11. Pillows? Suffocate them with it
    hangers? Poke their eyes out
    Walls? Hit their head in it
    Humans? Watch Psycho Pass
    Shirts? Strangle Them
    Rope? Hang Them
    Paper? Choke Them
    A branch? Whack them with it

    literally ANYTHING is a weapon

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