Top 10 New Isekai Anime for 2021 & 2022

Top 10 New Isekai Anime for 2021 & 2022
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Welcome to Animeology, today we will be taking a look at the 10 New/Upcoming Isekai Anime for 2021 & 2022. If you enjoy the video be sure like and subscribe down below and without further ado let’s get right into the video.

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  1. Regarding n°2, the anime claiming to be realist, trying to improve living conditions of the working class in a traditional monarchy with a stratified economy, will usually be met with fierce resistance from the nobility (and probably clerics), who wish to maintain the status quo of their exploitive, lavish lifestyles. A wealthy and powerful bourgeoisie is always a ticking timebomb for revolution. But I guess, I'll have to check this show out myself.

  2. The Realist Hero who rebuilt a kingdom is really a good series. It was supposedly have been set to end almost at the end of the animated series with one book covering that final ending but as luck has it it has continued to be published in Japan to the delight of the Author. The latest translated book is about come out. I suggest reading it after you watch the anime it helps support the author it also gives you the ability to see the deeper side of what the characters feel and the circumstance they find themselves in. It is a different spin on the Isekai genre but I also love the Man Picked up by the Gods (known in the west as "By the Grace of the Gods") for a different reason since I followed it from the web novel days truly a good work in progress. Spirit Chronicles is also a good one got the last volume on the english translation I just wonder what is going to happen next there as the arc changes again.

  3. Bofuri is not Isekai she is playing a vr game she is not in a different world. Same with Banished from the hero's party. That is just a fantasy anime the main character was not sent to that world.

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