Top 10 Anime Where Underestimated Main Character Is Strong From The Start

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  1. I seen these waiting for more season
    Assassin pride
    Sirius the jaegar
    Chrome shelled regios
    World break
    Aria the Scarlett Ammo & S2 AA
    Unbreakable machine doll
    Chaika the coffin princess & S2 average battle

  2. If you look at the style in which an assassin kills, it can easily be assumed they're artists in their own rite. That being said, idk a single artist whose pride isn't ridiculously high up there! ^_^

  3. Thumbnail : The Unparalleled Black And White
    10) 0:33 Assassins Pride
    9) 1:20 Seiken Tsukai No World Break
    8) 1:58 Brave 10
    7) 2:54 Hitsugi No Chaika
    6) 3:41 Machine-Doll Wa Kizutsukanai
    5) 4:54 Koukaku No Regios
    4) 5:58 Hidan No Aria
    3) 6:58 Sirius The Jaeger
    2) 7:30 Magi: Sinbad No Bouken
    1) 8:35 Hinomaruzumou
    Someone else also made a timestamp. You don't have to make it. Just wait 15 minutes after the video upload.

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