Top 10 Anime Where The Main Character Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass

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Today, we will be going over some of my personal picks for anime where the main character gets betrayed then becomes a badass. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your list below. For more Top 10’s and anime-related videos subscribe!

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  1. First thought : arifureta
    There are various popular anime though , the one of most enjoyed anime for me is arifureta it is definitely worth trying

  2. ✴Psychological
    -The promised Neverland
    -Psycho pass
    -Id invaded
    -7 seeds
    -Terror in resonance
    -Parasyte the maxim
    -Classroom of elite
    -Akuma no Riddle

    -kyokou suiri
    -Mob psycho 100
    -Ousama game
    -Fairy gone
    -Devils line
    -B the Beginning
    -Tokyo Ghoul
    -Devilman crybaby
    -kekkai sensen

    -Black clover
    -A Certain Magical: All series
    -Rising of the shield hero
    -That time i reincarnated as a slime
    -kenja no mago
    -Fate series

    💙Slice of life
    -Fruits Basket
    -Smile down the Runway
    -Asteroid in love
    -Teasing master Takagi san
    -Violet Evergarden
    -Somali and the forest spirit
    -Love chuunibyou and other delusions
    -March comes like a Lion
    -Ascendance of a Book worm

    🔥⚛Sci Fi / Mecha
    -Steins gate
    -Fullmetal panic
    -Neon genesis
    -God eater
    -Gurren lagann
    -Mobile suit gundam
    -Dr stone
    -Knights and magic
    -Ghost in the shell
    -Code geass

    -Death note
    -kanata no Astra
    -Black buttler
    -kabukichou sherlock
    -Darker than black
    -Future diary

    -My teen romantic comedy
    -Disasterous life of Saiki k
    -Devil is a part timer
    -School rumble
    -Haven't you heard I'm Sakamoto
    -Cautious Hero

    💕 Romance
    -Your Name
    -As the moon, so beautiful
    -Your Lie in April
    -A lull in the sea
    -3d girlfriend
    -Golden time
    -Darling in the franxx
    -Tsuredure Children

    -My hero academia
    -Dragon ball
    -Attack on titan
    -One punch man
    -Hellsing series
    -Demon slayer
    -Junni Taisen
    -Assasination classroom

    ☠ Horror
    -Angels of Death
    -kabaneri of the iron fortress
    -Happy sugar life
    -Sirius the jaeger
    -Blood series
    -Elfen Lied

    💫 Fantasy
    -The seven deadly sins!
    -Sword art online
    -Fairy tail
    Re:Zero Starting life in Another world
    -No game No life
    -Log horizon
    -How not to summon a demon lord
    -Made in Abyss
    -Akame ga kill
    -Is it wrong to pick girls in dungeon?

    -One piece
    -Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood
    -Hunter x hunter
    -Jojo's bizzare adventure
    -Samurai champloo
    -Bungou stray dogs
    -Goblin slayer

    Thank you😊

  3. In my opinion, such top list of betrayed main characters should contain Gun Grave title as well. It has dramatic plot twist on the middle, so main character had been betrayed and he have to kill half of his ex-friends by his own hands.

  4. Arifureta had so much promise, but instead they used fiverr to animate that anime :(.

    IMO if arifureta had atleast decent animation it could've been an 8.
    But because of this junk animation i'd give it a 3.

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