Top 10 Anime Changes That Made Fans Rage Quit

The masses were not happy with these creative decisions. Join Ashley as we count down the alterations in anime that left fans none too pleased, as seen in series such as “Pokemon”, “Digimon”, “Overlord”, and more! Which sudden anime anift had YOU fuming? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. sun and moon ash looks like he got hit with a spastic stick also hes a lot stupider >:( did he seriouslt forget everything he's learnt ffs >:(

    2. the new Bayblades i mean WTF >:(

  2. I’m a die hard Pokémon fan. Like I’d consider myself a fanboy despite hating that term. But man I could NOT watch Sun and Moon. I already hated when 4Kids lost the rights to the English dub and eventually went under. People diss the 4Kids dub but the voices were spot on. James is the best example for how bad they changed the voices. But he still represents what’s wrong with the anime overall. Most characters just sound so bland and lifeless. Sarah is okay but she’s no Veronica. Eric Stuart should’ve been brought back though. if Eric and Veronica were back then I’d be a lot more okay with the dub changes. This is practically the only thing I’m critical about with Pokémon.

  3. Maybe this wasn't an issue in the USA, but when DB Kai and later Super came out in Germany most of the voice actors where changed, even Goku himself. His voice actor from DBZ was so good, every other voice actor pales in camparison Changing the voices of beloved characters is never a good idea.

  4. I used to be a die hard DBZ fan but I remember the episode where Gohan taught Videl to fly and it made it corny to me. This whole time, they made a big deal about "Saiyan blood" with Yamcha never getting powers (although he had been around since Dragon Ball)but then Videl gets powers because Gohan tryna smash? I walked away and didnt really go back for YEARS.

  5. What the hell is up with modern animation? These are the times where they actually sell anime and have a world winde fanbase and yet they dont invest in quailty. Back when anime was an otaku phenomena limited to Japan they put so much more efford into producing it. So sad that this spectacular art has also fallen victim to capitalism where it is all about spitting one turd out after another for profit.

  6. "Becoming the Digimon," made WHO rage quit? Who did you even ask about that? I don't ever give flak for WatchMojo lists because they really have no bearing, but this? This is just fucking stupid. Get the fuck out of ehre.

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