This Anime Never Existed

An update on a piece of lost media that won’t be found because it never existed in the first place. Kenny Lauderdale shuts the door on a lost anime found on a vinyl record we know little about. It wasn’t an unreleased anime, or a lost anime, or even an anime that was in the middle of being made. What was it? I didn’t make a video going through magazines from japan to just tell you here. It’s not like this is saki sanobashi or something. Masked warrior lavithunder may have wasted my time, but the way it did that is still pretty entertaining.

title: This Anime Never Existed

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  1. Hi Kenny,
    Huge fan of obscure/lost media and your channel. I was wondering if you have heard of Cursed One-Piece (1992)? It was created by the same animator for AKIRA and Grave of the Fireflies. I found the short very interesting and would love a review on it (if you don't mind me asking). I think it's on youtube.

  2. You are the fighter!

    kizu darake no kodoku na senshi

    moeru kokoro idaite

    hiroge you ho no tsubasa

    You are the fighter!

    Sora kakeru koto osore naide

    habatakou takaku

    yume ni te ga todoku made

  3. As tempting as it may be to think this was a waste of time, I'd say this is actually a pretty successful lost media search. Not only were you able to find out that it was only a commercial, but you even found some obscure magazine snippets talking about it.

  4. I know this probably wont be seen, but my whole childhood was watching kodocha and its not at all talked about. I would be very happy if u would give ur opinions on kodomo no omocha or kodocha. I reccommend it to everyone (:

  5. This is the Polybius of anime! I hope someone makes a real version of this someday with an appropriate retro look to it. I think the anime world needs Lavithunder now more than ever.

  6. So, it was just a different way to promote an album, unusual. Create interest in a possible animated series but it was never really meant to be, at least the song is cool!

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