THE END of Pokémon Journeys? Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Anime Hopes!

Discussing The End of Pokemon Journeys and my hopes for the Gen 9 anime.

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  1. I agree!! I love Goh and I would adore him staying in the anime. I really hope they make him stay!! Also Chloe is an mc and could take an important part in the new anime although I have no problem with a new female character!

  2. Here’s what I say:

    * Ditch Goh completely. Have him travel the world with Chloe.
    * Have Ash do the traditional gym challenge.
    * Ash’s traveling companions should be whoever the Gen 9 rival is, and Serena.
    * The tone should be more mature. Tackle some heavier subjects like racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia. Make AmourShipping canon. Openly discuss death. The show, like Ash, needs to grow up.

  3. What if Ash gets into the Masters 8 and meets a mysterious new character who is also participating in the PWC for the first time with Pokémon he’s never seen before. Then Ash gets matched against Leon early on, like in the semifinals, and beats him. Then Ash faces the new character in the finals and loses, then it’s revealed that they are the Champion of the Gen 9 region and Ash gets the idea to travel there before challenging them to a rematch for the title at the end of the next series. All the while Ash needs to maintain a position in the Masters 8 in order for this rematch to take place. This would allow for a scenario where Ash beats Leon, gets introduced to the new region, and keep the PWC relevant into the next series.

  4. Ash & that good boi Pikachu's journey is literally what the Pokémon anime is about, so i can say that i hope that he & Pikachu stay travelling together with either Goh or Dawn & Goh together or with whoever.

    the Pokémon D&P series is my favorite it's amazing had great moments for Ash to learn how to pick himself back up after a painful lose in a battle by learning counter shields through the amazing Dawn & quick in-battle attacks like Ash Buizel Ice Aquajet. Ash learned so much about himself & his Pokémon with Dawn & Brock right there with him. i want Dawn back she made Ash's battling style all good & fresh 😂😂😂😩😩.

    Pikachu amazed me & shocked me when he lost to a LEVEL 5 SNIVY in the start of the Black & White series. But that's OK because he had a real good journey in Unova with Ash, Iris, Cilan & Axew. i will never forget when that cute, round, yellow boi acc learned Electroball in the attempt to fend off some Ducklett in B&W Best Wishes. he even still knows it in his moveset in Master Journey's, good for him 😭, that yellow boi 😭.

    SO yeah i don't want to see Ash or Pikachu or Goh leave. they would do good with some other travelling companies to spice it up. More better storylines with less episodic stuff more focused to the story in the new anime.

  5. I want Pokémon to do misty Brock and ash special to let ash and go go their separate ways to chase their goals . So ash can bring back the old Pokémon vibes back

  6. My biggest hope . NO MORE GOH. God I hate that character. I remember when one of our main characters catching a Pokemon was a big deal but he does it pretty much every episode. Hell sometimes we don't even see him make the catch like with Hoothoot and Lilligant we never seen him catch those two. And that's not even bringing up him getting all the starters.

  7. What if goh left the show to help the project mew group and/or form a bond with all his pokemon and chloe travels with ash and she gets more development, after all she does have an eevee that wont evolve into the normal evos

  8. In one hand as an ash fan he better be the mc in the other region in the other hand pathetic game medias keep saying they need to get rid off ash and make goh the mc🤣 they smoking something

  9. What happened to the pokemon champion league that cynthia mention
    When she said pual and ash will 1 day meet in the champion league.
    The pcg isn't the pokemon of league

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