The BEST Anime of Summer 2021 – Ones To Watch

Summer’s given Anime fans a bit of a break from 2021’s nonstop onslaught of impossibly good content, but it still contains heavy hitters and hidden gems you won’t want to miss. Here’s those.
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0:00 Summer Break
1:16 Bookwalker
2:13 1. Late-comers and a Leftover
4:40 2. Giant, Gorgeous Avatar of Destruction
6:44 3. This is Fine: The Animation
8:47 4. Vampin’ Steampunk Style
11:07 5. Music to My Eyes
15:23 7. You Activated My Vibe Check!
17:46 8. Worse Aqua. Actually.
19:50 9. Anime of the Season
21:28 10. Summer Romance: College Edition
23:32 Honourable Mentions. With a u. I’m Canadian.

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  2. I figured godzilla singualar point wouldve been another grotesque cgi netflix fail but ill give it a go

  3. Every time I watch your lists I go from having no life to barely remembered as I do nothing, go nowhere, and see no one except the anime characters I've just added to my list; Thank You!!!!!

  4. I've been waiting for this video. I always try to start the season with trial and error and I always end up only catching 1 or 2 watchable anime.

  5. Vanitas looks extremely good!!!! But it also had a case of sexual assault played for laughs in just its third episode, so I probably won't keep watching if that's sth that will be repeated

  6. Why is nobody talking about Mother of the Goddess Dormitory? I've never seen Anitubers talk about it and I'm here deadsht expecting it to be the next To Love Ru.

  7. Regarding the ''How a realist rebuilt the kingdom"
    It's a really really good base for the anime, just waiting to see if they actually pull it off
    mild spoilers:

    The king did not abdicate due to how good the impression the summoned person made, it's actually a whole new different reason and its explained later on in the story which makes alot more sense

  8. you need work on your pronunciation of kawaii it sounds like you're saying kowai which is the opposite of kawaii

  9. I'm happy that there's at least a new sports anime that I can recommend to people who don't like sports.

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