The Anime That Traumatized The Entire Community

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Devilman comes from an olllld manga. It’s received SEVERAL adaptations over the years (to say the least) and this video’s about Devilman Crybaby. It’s a sick (shonen?) anime that completely overhauls the old story in such a satisfying way, I remember reading so much lore and manga after I finished it when the anime came out. Anyways, I’m making too much sense for once.
-Scamboli reviews signing out


  1. Spoilers

    I recently watched this, finished it yestarday, and for fucks sakes…likes your points hit it on the head, the music, art, characters, and I can even take character deaths….however, to see even the woman he loved, fucking die, then humanity and him….then oh here's god nuking the fucking world!!!! I'm just like…..

    It made me hate the show, I loved Akira, his friends, the development of their personalities, I would have cried if Akira sacrificed himself to kill Ryo and save humanity but I would have accepted it if it mean the ones he loved survived, but no EVERYONE DIES and I just looked at it and thought. "Thats….fucking…bullshit…." when I saw Ryo crying at the end I hated that, I hated that part immensely. I mean I get it, his heart basically awakened when he saw Akira dead, but I still despised it.

    I think the reason I hate it so much is because I loved all those characters and to see them all just be destroyed into nothing like their lives and struggles didn't even matter….was gut wrenching and horrifying and I hated that. I looked up the manga to see its basically the same thing that happens. To be honest since they revamped it I kinda wish they had changed it to a degree. But I understand why they didn't, the message is powerful.

    Who are the real monsters, humans or demons, and honestly even though it has that message it falls short on it and I say that cause the humans hugged Akira in his devil form. While the demons still wanted destruction. Now you might ask

    "What about the devilmen?" Well like Akira said "I'm not a demon I'm a human, with a human heart!" So I'm counting ALL the devilmen as humans, not demons, the humans may have went crazy, but they had the most chance to change for the better….then the writers had to kill those and everyone else….

    I can't remember the manga, but there was this one I read where the hero finally mastered the powers of the war god, the sorceress woman turned good and they got married, had a child, and this golden race of beings basically stole the child to be experimented on and wiped out the planet, that's it…game over, that's how the manga ended and it pissed me off just as much if not more then this show. I both love and hate this show as much as I love and hate that manga…

  2. Didn't know this was on Netflix (I didn't get turned onto Anime until last year, ok?), so this video made me go immediately watch and WOW.. This comment section wasn't kidding. This show hit like a truck. I was NOT ready, even with this fine warning of a video…

    So glad I watched it, though…

  3. Did you just imply Sakamoto isn't good at sports? You owe him, the delinquents he got to stop smoking, and that stalker ghost chick an apology.

  4. Ok dude like WTF here I am, never watched this anime in my life, fully immersed in YOUR story telling of this anime and you leave me on a CLIFFHANGER.

    I wanna watch this anime more than ever now, I need to know what happens, how does his character progress, does humanity see the dude's attempts to save humanity or are gonna act like humanity and make shit worse or is he gonna fail. I need to know.
    Alright I know what I'm watching toni- scratch that right now.

  5. only anime that has made me cry
    only anime that I sought out the soundtrack too
    only anime that I still think about and listen to it's music to this day

  6. “Will humanity tear itself apart? Or will they remember to have hope?”


    You missed the part where the last fragments of Humanity, with the help of devilman and his army of devilmen, end up all dying to the benevolent forces of Satan while at the same time managing to defeat every demon aside from Satan themself. Devilman, Humanity, Satan and his entire army all end up losing in the end.

  7. I always thought Devilman Crybaby was a sequel, so I avoided it until I saw the original. Haven't seen the original yet, but now that I know this is basically a remake, I'll watch this instead. Thanks for showing me this cool looking show

  8. tried to get a bunch of people into this but they all just pass it off as weird because of how it undertakes serious topics. I could never find the words to be able to rationalize it to them, but now i'll just send them this. 🙂 banger vid

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