Fleshlight Simulator – ChiefsRaysBolts [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Track 5 off of ChiefsRaysBolts new album, Glory Days! Lyrics: Home alone on a Saturday night I’m gonna jack off cause that sounds alright I go to my room and theres no tissue so I went downstairs to my mama’s bathroom I gotta grab some lotion, Itt’l add on to the motion scramblin’ to find… Continue reading Fleshlight Simulator – ChiefsRaysBolts [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Halo 3 – Campaign But It's Anime Style

In this video, we’ve pretty much mashed together every silly thing we’ve ever made and did Halo 3 anime style. Here’s what it’s like! FREE GAME GIVEAWAY: Music/Sound Effects Provided By AudioMicro: www.audiomicro.com Discord: Patreon: Subscribe for more: Facebook: Twitter: Stay tuned!