Summer Anime You Might Have Missed – Ones To Watch Gaiden

A few summer anime have shown up fashionably late, and somehow, they’re all pretty great! Sorry about that. Here’s why you don’t wanna miss The Great Jahy, Idaten Deities, and Fena: Pirate Princess!
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00:00 – More Great Anime. Sorry.
01:20 – Mashle Ad
02:57 – The Great Jahy Will Not be Defeated!
07:45 – The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace
12:24 – Fena: Pirate Princess

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  1. Fena: Pirate princess seems promising but really really gets bogged down with exposition and not just exposition that's essential to the story. The story and lore of the world in general seemed to be delivered just fine, but there's just an absurd amount of time spent on the past experiences of characters that were already explained in previous episodes then again half dozen episodes later and these episodes are aired consecutively leaving the narrative of the main characters to flounder. I'm at episode 9 and for 2 episodes nothing has happened or progressed. Before that several episode kind of wallow around between good story and even some good exposition and then explain parts of the story and motivations of characters that they end up just spending the 8th and 9 episodes explaining anyways.
    Pacing is pretty bad even though 1st 4 episodes were great its a mess after that. I would probably of given up watching but there isn't much else be released right now

  2. Thank you for clarifying they don’t lewd her child form. I made some (reasonable) assumptions that this was one of those anime and decided to avoid it. Good to know that all too common minefield with Japanese media isn’t part of it.
    Oh, and I loved Idaten Dieties Know Only Peace. The animation and style is really something else.

  3. The great jahy will not be defeated does ass justice. The boss has a dumptruck of an ass. Nice change of pace considering in 99% of anime women's booties are usually flat and weird. Also it's a good anime.

  4. The truly most underrated anime of this season, so underrated no anime youtuber, not even Mother's Basement talked about it, is Star Wars Visions. Sure, it is a Star Wars anime, but that doesn't mean it's not an anime. It's made by anime creators at some of the best studios, like Trigger, Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss), Production IG (Fena, Pirate Princess). Also Kevin Penkin made the music for one of the episodes.

    SW visions is one of the reasons I decided to watch Fena. I heard about it in this video, I had never heard of Production IG and I wanted to learn more about them before I saw their work on Star Wars. I really like it so far.

    Edit: My bad, and thank you very much for making a video about Visions. It deserves it!

  5. Nobody spots my favorite little detail in Fena. The female pirate crew? They're all historical female pirates. Not all alive and active in the same time period, but still. (Grace) O’Malley, Charlotte (Berry), Mary (Reed), Hannah (Snell), Anne (Bonnie), Ching Xi, Artemisia, Awilda, etc… They're pulling a Samurai Champloo with the anachronisms, but there's a lot of real people, places, and conspiracies in the show.

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