REAL vs. FAKE Anime Figures: Can You Spot the Difference??

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  1. I collect some figures and I'm sure I have at least a couple of bootlegs (bought them cheap and second hand), but hey they look alright and remind me of the anime/games I like so that's all that matters

  2. Look… I know you are not gonna read this comment but i will say the things i think anyways just to get it out of my system.
    I know that it is better to get the real figurines and support the creators, and i get that point of view even if your opinion might not be as Honest i would like to believe since you're litcherally working for the anime industry and making money out of this and might have a skewd preception of the situation .. But some things you didn't even mention, like that these figurines cost WAY less than the original ones
    For example
    Miku Figurine: 3$
    Deku Figurine: 7$
    (yes i know since i bout them myself)

    I can tell that the original Ones cost for about ~40-50$
    Also The figurines in Europe Cost WAY MORE than you get them straight from Japan, or even the US and that is the sad truth of the sad world i'm living in.

    The 15$ Hatsune Miku figurine you mentioned in this video costs about 30 Euroes.. and that's if you consider the fact that they're even even available in my Country. The Hatsune Miku Figurine was never available in my country anyways. At least at the time of me writing this comment.

    You're reviewing the Cheapest figurines but what about the expensive figurines that can be found on aliexpress?
    If you look at the Reviews instead of the Image that the seller posted, you will realize that some of the figurines do actually have better quality plastics and painjobs, and can be barely distinctive from the original Ones. ***Also these cheap figurines can be fitter nicely with some superglue and some sanding for the most problematic fitting areas. IMO worth spending 10 minutes when you saved yourself like 30$
    I myself own Original Figures as well as Bootlegs and i am not ashamed to admit it.
    I cannot afford the 300$ Bunny figurines, But some of the Bunny Figurines on Aliexpress can be found for as little as 30-40$, and the quality might not be top notch but it is definately WAY better than the quality of the figurines you show in this video.
    I myself Participated in almost all of your Monthy Otaku Collection Giveaways in hopes of getting a figurine as high end and Expensive as the Jibril ones. This might sound pathetic but i have better chances getting an expensive figurine this way than trying to save money.
    **Another Great idea would may be trying to buy the Bootleg Versions of the figurines you already own the originals of, and making a comparison video on them. Price vs Quality. that might be way more intresting than a video about just buying a bunch of the worst quality bootleg figurines on purpose.
    Even if this video's got a greater purpose like helping the anime industry, i really believe that having this strong of an opinion about this topic is actually toxic and by trying to presuade people with methods like: "Omg this is shit therefore all the others are too" can be seen as hypocritical of you and doesn't make you look good since you're not having an unbiased opinion.
    Instead of trying to Brainwash people into buying the original figures (which to me sounds crazy since they're basically plastics with paint that cost as much as a monthly sallary), maybe try to understand the poeple that are willing to compromise on the quality and the 'not supporting the anime industry', that get joy from owning a 3$ waifu on their shelfs, that even as a bootleg puts a smile on their face. At the end of the day i would'nt buy the original anyways at that price.

  3. A lot of hand tools have this same kinda smell, if memory serves it's something to do with the mold release and is quite common on cheap plastics in general or anything that has a lot of glass or carbon in it

  4. Where can I go to buy real anime figures for a lower price? Say $50 and under.
    Ive always held off on buying figures online because I dont know if the figures are legit. I want to be able to purchase figures around or under $50 but at that price im always worried im going to get fake knockoffs.
    Can anyone share with me a good website, that ships to USA, where I can get legit figures at a lower price?

  5. I wish you talked about the actual dangers of buying bootlegs. Often Chinese organized crime rings will get into bootleg markets by bribing figure factory workers to give molds to figures to mass produce on wish. GSC executives have had assassination attempts against them for obstructing their crime rings which resulted in a factory worker being killed.

    Buying bootleg figures actually does harm to people and by not supporting it you are helping

    It disturbs me a lot that Joey and Connor buy these because it supports a dangerous industry

  6. I mean, if you're ordering online, how useful will this information be? I imagine the seller would hide the bootlegginess of the figure from the photos they post, or just cop-out and post some 'official' pictures that don't reflect what you are getting.

    Also, as a non-Japanese, where do you even get waifu figures? The most I've really ever seen are Funko Pops, and frankly, those don't count.

  7. Another thing I noticed when looking for knock off figures is if the figure in the box has a clear plastic sheet for displaying check if it's flimsy and usually the inner box color will be darker then authentic boxes, a official box should be sturdy because it's a collecters item.

  8. I've been collecting for over 5 years now, my first figure being a Kaneki figure, I remember being so excited getting my first figure, my collection now is modest but pretty good, it still is a expensive hobby so I've slowly been collecting them, I tend to mostly buy them during conventions, sometimes you find some rare gems

  9. i collect Gundum figures real ones which you buy and assemble them from scratch
    and i don't order from the internet
    best is to buy through your own hands

  10. I remember when I first started out I used to get fake anime figures from this one gaming shop (dad's friend owned it). We used to buy ps3/ps4 games from and one day we came in and he had a glass shelf of them. I bought a Sasuke one but later found out it was a fake (no shit). So I went online and bought an actual real figure from Japan and the shipping price was actually pretty good considering I live in Saudi Arabia. Later down the line I went back to his shop and ironically he started selling legit figures (but they were out of box, he had the boxes displayed in the back while the figures were in the glass shelf, he would repackage them if you wanted it). Couple of years later, I gave my 40 or so figures that I collected to my brother and kept the more expensive ones, I quit the hobby because taxes and shipping prices in my country sky rocketed the past 3 years. Now I just buy Gundam model kits every now and then. They are the same price essentially, but I like gundam way more. And plus there's a shop in my neighboring country that's an hour away by flight. So if I ever don't feel like paying shipping and want to go on a vacation, I could just buy a lot of them there.

  11. I really like the video, but somehow I don't see visual what is wrong with the face.., side by side comparsion would be better to see the difference. Thanks for the vid.

  12. 9:15 youre chatting out of your ass joey, or youve become so accustomed to the $400 figures that you have forgotten a majority of official anime figurines come with the characters head dettached and in that plastic packaging.

  13. Not sure if it's possible but I'd rather have local stores run/owned directly by Japan. If they already shipped goods to whatever country its better in my opinion instead of waiting week(s) for a package that "got lost" or "rerouted." Not sure if Japanese companies would take the risk but at least you'd get a reliable source with authentic goods to support the industry.

  14. How about custom figurines? Like asking someone to professionally make a figuring and not necessarily from commonplace figurine distributors. Is that a legitimate figurine or something that is accepted within the figurine collectors' community? Because I was thinking of doing that…I'm genuinely asking.

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