Piglin Diplomacy 💜 [MINECRAFT ANIME]






Piglin A

Piglin B


Writer & Director

Artist & Designer

Video Editor & Voice Actor Producer


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  1. 1:02 Ender-chan: If you don't have gold, then all you have to offer is your meat, which you can't trade.
    Me with my two stacks of steak:

  2. Steve is from a descendant from an ancient advanced civilization called the builders they go to different dimensions and stuff so Steve have been in a cryopod for approximately thousands of years

  3. Steve: I remember this place, I have no memory of anything…how can I remember this place?

    * Deja Vu bgm starts to play

  4. its not all about these WELL ANIMATED CHARACTERS but its also for the really good Plot so far <3

  5. These videos and whatever they're supposed to be about for storyline and adventures okay but if I had to choose between all these videos and amphibia on Disney Plus sorry but I'd have to go with amphibia got to be honest. 🥺

  6. Does anyone else find it off-putting how endergirl called steve, "builder" at the end of the vid? Feel like there was something behind that..

  7. you know, they spell "gold" as "gordo" and that in Portuguese means "fat", looks like they're insulting steve all the time

  8. I wonder when you will incorporated Warden? Also, Wither Storm is there in the lore, so this story is tied to Minecraft Story Mode.
    Who's the girl in Steve past is still unknown.

  9. This kind of plot, reminds me of matpat's game theory about the ancient builders that builds the bastion

  10. Ik it is out of story context. But you missed an opportunity. “Don't blame them it was devs.” fourth wall break would be awesome there.

  11. Endergirl was obviously uncomfortable with the piglin girls latching on to Steve like that, but remained calm and collective. Another point to why she is best girl! Creeper-Chan and Skeleton-Chan would have attacked immediately.

  12. At this point I wouldnt be surprised if Merry is taking inspiration from some of the Minecraft lore Mattpat put together on his videos

  13. I can already imagine an alternate event on how Steve meets his "demise" if he doesn't have gold…

  14. Oh my things are getting interesting I'm share this area wich he remembers belonged to the past humans don't you agree with me?

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  16. Steve should throw a gold bar and while the piglins are distracted he should run for the netherportal
    It’s foolproof I tell you foolproof

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