One Terrible Anime Could Change America

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0:00 intro
2:09 The Story So Far (Analyzed by Scamboli)
4:55 It’s bad
10:34 High Guardian Spice Has No Clear Audience
11:40 The Important Part

high guardian spice is like sooo totally cringe what the heck Crunchyroll?!?!? It’s also a grey area, it’s marrrrketted as an anime but it’s a cartoon if we’re being real. Anyways here’s my review/analysis of HGS -scamboli reviews signing out


  1. I hate people like this that claim "activism" is all they are and use it s an excuse for terrible writing, leading more closed-minded people to eat it up and be like, "AH SEE!? THIS GROUP CAN'T WRITE! THEY ARE BENEATH US!" It has an adverse effect. Instead, make great characters everyone will root for who happen to be gay or a woman or a person of color. And even with its own plot and character arcs, you can still find ways to tie in real world issues, even if more direct or metaphorical. It takes EFFORT.

  2. The worst type of show is the type in which the characters are stupid and the better characters are the ones supporting them. This is how bad cinematography has become… It is made by weaklings who cry for diversity but can't see common sense. Every one of them… Activists. Every. Single. One. They failed in their writing. They failed in their production. Hate on this anime, because this is the type of anime you'll be forced to watch by the "victims".

    This show's audience, is pedophiles.

  3. Something I've noticed in many shows and media that seem to want to ride the "mainstream progressive values" train is that their "new and strong female characters" always end up being the same tired stereotypes. For all the talk off being new and different, they're more interchangeable than 80 B-movie action heroes.

  4. Look, I love the idea of an Anime that has Diversity in many forms but this, THIS anime didn't work at the slightest, so far barely any story is useful in the situation the upending doom never shows up and they keep the trope with the character's attitude barely any character development is shown, I love the idea of a show being written by women but, can we have some Women writers who actually knows what they are doing

  5. what i truly dont like about this show is the overall theme. Forced diversity making characters from all ethnicities but tried to fit in to many percs in one character take for example Cornelle: black, shy ish, short, feminine, cute looking male. This is the opposite from the normal black characters often showed in animes or mangas which is normally good because that means its not the same blue print for every black character but what it portrays is a un realistic child from a white womans imagination, and whats more is that it shows. Its almost as they look as these traits like yugio cards and trying to get a set but instead they of a cool monsters they are collecting all their masochistic male fetishes. WHAT IS EVEN MORE is the imploration of modern day steriotypes with examples sages cousins that is a boyish bi/lesbian and a shy girlfriend like this isnt the 300th show ive watched with the exact same couple design, and from what i remember they are even COUSINS which means they kinda support or humor incest which is weird, and i want to empathize the term boyish and girlish not because of the genders traits but by how childish they act. I dont know if they just like shotas and lolis. though it is kinda clear that the character designers and script writers likes personalitys with either a small brain capacity or just plain out kids because i think there is no way they miss just how dumb their characters act with no mature traits but for the pot head guy which is still kinda a steriotype that gays are hipos that like drugs and all that. As someone who is bi and has many lgbtq friends mostly irl this does not offend me but almost makes fun of how far the pride and gay movement has gone with just trying to create gay characters that fit twitter users opinions and main stream media.

  6. At this point this isn't an anime. If it's all written and produced by white women that don't know Japanese then I'm not giving them the pleasure of calling it an anime. What it is, is a monstrosity.

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