1. Bastard is the manga equivalent of the 80s/90s van with the half-naked furry-speedo-wearing fantasy chick airbrushed onto the side that blasts metal and may have tinted windows…

  2. You could have explain it better than it's just very horny C'mon now dude there's to bastard than that like the music references and dungeons & dragons stuff And the story isnt that confusing and it's only gonna be 24 eps long from what the website says

  3. Give it a jojo treatment and licence some music but from metal bands like megadeth testament slayer morbid angel possessed acdc pantera morbid saint demolition hammer allegiance that would be badass

  4. I think what you mean is, how will "western anime fans" will take this. Cause Japan itself is very ""open minded"" when it comes to "their" fictions. Because this is after all, is a Japanese media with that is influenced by the world outside its borders. See just as the west is on a bender about preaching the whole B*LLSH*T about "privalage" and "opression", these idiots don't get that we in the west are privalaged to even be able consume anime that is being chastised. I like this manga, I still have the DVD of the OVA's dubbed in english. Dark Schnider is an archetype a kin to those like Vegita, Joseph Joestar, Ains from Overlord and whole slew of Alpha male protagonist. DS is what Vegita wants to be but is nerfed by DMP Goku. Bring him back in 4, 8 or 16K HD and ultral high def stereo. There are a lot of us who welcomes his return. And to quote the Bastard, "My obvious charms and god-like powers always dazzle the simple, ordinary folk."

  5. No one is ready for the protagonist with obvious wicked good looks and God like powers lol 😆 ❤️ My favorite anime of ALL time! I've been begging the Gods to please let this story get a reboot since I was a pre-teen! Ever since I first laid eyes on this VHS and popped it in…it was glorious. Been a collector of this anime ever since. From statues, to figures, to mangas, video games and CDs. This anime is just one of those treasures. Your review on it was funny but the story isn't confusing at all. Read it in its entirety to understand its lore. It's more than just "horny" anime. That uhh…that ain't it. Lmao does the man like his women sure. But the the lore is sooo much more than that. It delves in soo much deeper that what you touched on.

  6. I remember the manga from back in the day, lol funny story my mother got the anime of lol, but yea I hope it stay true to the manga & yea the world will flip when this drop!

  7. The score of the show will be done by Kenji kawaii of ghost in the shell and ip man fame so the music is in good hands but berserk 2016 studio is working on it which might be oof but they've done other things which are good and they're doing new rurouni Kenshin which is good

  8. I feel like Japan is literally just making anime adaptations of these types of stories just to mess with the Western puritans over on Twitter lmao

  9. There's no fuckin' way they are making a new anime for Bastard!!, one of my favorite manga of all time. I literally just started rereading it again, but I can say not only is this one of the dopest series but the world ain't ready for this if so

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