Are you looking for some new anime to watch for this summer season? Well here is ten of the best summer anime you should be hyped about…

Thumbnail Sauce: Spirit Chronicles

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  1. 10. The Honor At Magic High school 0:24
    9. How A Realist Hero Rebuilt A Kingdom 1:13
    8. Kanojo Mo Kanojo 2:02
    7. Spirit Chronicles 2:58
    6. Remake Our Life! 3:47
    5. Battle Game In 5 Seconds 4:36
    4. My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom! 5:23
    3. Kobayashi Dragon Maid S 6:21
    2. Higurashi SOTSU 7:11
    1. Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2 Part 2 8:04

  2. The main character of How a realist rebuild a kingdom looks exactly just like Rimuru when he was still human but younger.

  3. ✴Psychological
    -The promised Neverland
    -Psycho pass
    -Id invaded
    -7 seeds
    -Terror in resonance
    -Parasyte the maxim
    -Classroom of elite
    -Akuma no Riddle

    -kyokou suiri
    -Mob psycho 100
    -Ousama game
    -Fairy gone
    -Devils line
    -B the Beginning
    -Tokyo Ghoul
    -Devilman crybaby
    -kekkai sensen

    -Black clover
    -A Certain Magical: All series
    -Rising of the shield hero
    -That time i reincarnated as a slime
    -kenja no mago
    -Fate series

    💙Slice of life
    -Fruits Basket
    -Smile down the Runway
    -Asteroid in love
    -Teasing master Takagi san
    -Violet Evergarden
    -Somali and the forest spirit
    -Love chuunibyou and other delusions
    -March comes like a Lion
    -Ascendance of a Book worm

    🔥⚛Sci Fi / Mecha
    -Steins gate
    -Fullmetal panic
    -Neon genesis
    -God eater
    -Gurren lagann
    -Mobile suit gundam
    -Dr stone
    -Knights and magic
    -Ghost in the shell
    -Code geass

    -Death note
    -kanata no Astra
    -Black buttler
    -kabukichou sherlock
    -Darker than black
    -Future diary

    -My teen romantic comedy
    -Disasterous life of Saiki k
    -Devil is a part timer
    -School rumble
    -Haven't you heard I'm Sakamoto
    -Cautious Hero

    💕 Romance
    -Your Name
    -As the moon, so beautiful
    -Your Lie in April
    -A lull in the sea
    -3d girlfriend
    -Golden time
    -Darling in the franxx
    -Tsuredure Children

    -My hero academia
    -Dragon ball
    -Attack on titan
    -One punch man
    -Hellsing series
    -Demon slayer
    -Junni Taisen
    -Assasination classroom

    ☠ Horror
    -Angels of Death
    -kabaneri of the iron fortress
    -Happy sugar life
    -Sirius the jaeger
    -Blood series
    -Elfen Lied

    💫 Fantasy
    -The seven deadly sins!
    -Sword art online
    -Fairy tail
    Re:Zero Starting life in Another world
    -No game No life
    -Log horizon
    -How not to summon a demon lord
    -Made in Abyss
    -Akame ga kill
    -Is it wrong to pick girls in dungeon?

    -One piece
    -Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood
    -Hunter x hunter
    -Jojo's bizzare adventure
    -Samurai champloo
    -Bungou stray dogs
    -Goblin slayer

    Thank you😊

  4. My new watches:
    1. Tsukimichi moonlit Fantasy
    2. The Dungeon of Black Company
    3. Peach Boy Riverside
    4. The case study of vanitas
    Add yours too !

  5. 10 reasons why u shouldn't watch konojo no konojo 1 highschool number 1 2 highschool dxd is number 1 3 highschool dxd is number 1 4 they state girlfriends instead of harems and last 5 is highschool is number 1 🗿

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