Netflix Bebop: A Postmortem On A Failure (ANIME ABANDON PART 1)

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Netflix Bebop is dead on arrival, so lets take a two part dive into its failure, and why Netflix is spending so much on anime properties, only to ruin its own shows. 3… 2… 1, let’s jam!




0:00 – Intro
3:44 – The Positives!
7:53 – Everything Else Is Crap!
20:21 – Outro

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  1. I wasn’t sure about this show going in, but after the first episode I was able to see it for what it was – a remixed version of Cowboy Bebop.

    The music cues are in different places or different episodes, characters appear in places they weren’t before, episodes play out differently than they used to, characters have different backstories or attitudes…

    It’s a remix. Not a replacement. And I fucking loved it.

    I’m also honestly surprised to see no mention of how many Easter eggs there are in the background of so many scenes – you can tell how much love the showrunners have for the original based on that alone.

  2. You have your opinion, but it sounds like you're really up in your fanboi feels here.

    It's not OG Bebop. It's something different, much like how the MCU is not the 616. It's not perfect, but in some ways it's actually better than the original. The most telling thing about it's failure is the reviews. It holds pretty solidly in the 7-8 range until the last episode, which had HUGE changes so they could leave it open to a second series… but then it got review bombed with a 1s, mostly by the same people who do such review bombing and for their usual reasons.

    I mean, you didn't even pick up on Jet's old partner and the cop who spoiled their bounty not being the same guy. One was a plain clothes detective, the other a uniformed street cop. One was genuinely looking out for his old friend, who he had conflicted feelings for considering how he had stepped in and taken over his family, the other was just a jerk.

    And your complaints about "tonal shifts"… how much do you remember the originals? It was constant changes, from bizarre comedy, to heartbreaking tragedy, zany hacker adventures, and bad trip fridge fungus journeys. The action was great, but not constant. Part of what made it great was that it did try a little bit of everything. This show dipped it's toes in that pool.

    Sorry, but I'm not agreeing with most of your review. Your comment about Vicious' wig was spot on, but your take on most else was off.

  3. "A good villain is supposed to make you not like him, but that same villain should not make you want to turn off the tv". So like the opposite way of how Vince McMahon books his heels…and his faces.

  4. I watched this show as a kind of parody to the original and as such I had a lot of fun but than at the end they came up with the "twist" and it was so bad that even I lost interest in this.

  5. The netflix adaptation of cowboy bebop has to stand on its own merit, no point copying the source material to the letter Yet the only complaints I have seen, is on the show attempts to do such a thing. It's a shame because the show on It's own merit is a strong contender. Or atleast i have seen far worse series getting more attention and praise.

  6. Going off of that “hanging action” example that Bennett gives (the one about Jet dealing with those kids), am I the only one who thinks that clarifying such an action would only have slowed down and cluttered the chase scene?

  7. I love everything about Netflix Bebop. I mean that unironically. I think this show is a superb blend of humor, action, style, character drama, character turns, and loving nods to the source material. All in all, I think this show is slick and beautiful, yet it also takes time out to tug at your soul every once in a while . . . much like the original series and film, wouldn’t you say?

  8. It's honestly a pet peeve of mine that… Well, most companies seem to be under the impression that characters dropping F-Bombs every five seconds qualifies a show as 'mature', when in reality maturity needs to come from subjects a show tackles rather than being needlessly graphic and profane.

  9. I'll be bold and say that I did not hate this adaptation. Perhaps it's because I'm inured to worse adaptations of previously beloved franchises, such as James Cameron's Star Trek_, Michael Bay's _Transformers_, and the recent _Wheel of Time on Amazon. Placed among all those, Netflix did a halfway decent job with _Bebop_. It's not as good as the original, but if the original weren't around to compare it with then I think people would find this show to be fun if forgettable.

    I agree with you that Netflix should have solidified their foundation with a re-imagining rather than try to completely recreate scenes & lines from the anime. I feel the Mad Pierrot suffered the most from this half-measures attempt, as he's presented as both a competent hitman capable of negotiating contracts & a child who cannot stomach pain. But ultimately I had a lot of fun with the stupid Seinfeldian dialogue, action that is still better than what channels like the CW produce, and even some of the incredibly hammy acting. For this reason I feel the opening title sequence is a good litmus test. If you're laughing your ass at how they recreated the original anime's opening, then you might have a good time. If instead you find yourself feeling cautiously optimistic, then it's time to turn it off.

    I would have watched a second season if I wasn't completely turned off by the introduction of Radical Edward. I know original Ed could be annoying, but she wasn't yelling all the time.

  10. The problem with the show is the writing. Personally, not an anime fan, and that's all right. I understand where the fanboys are coming from, but Netflix did not owe them a faithful remake of this as an anime. They were perfectly justified in reimagining the whole concept, but they just fell down all over the place in the writing. All the other sins (plethora of Dutch angles, bad continuity, etc) could have been forgiven with a strong coherent compelling story line and well executed dialog. I thought the acting was pretty good, the art direction fine, cinematography for the most part acceptable, but the absurd plot choices, cardboard characters, incoherent and unbelievable story arcs, all made this a miss. And Daniella Pineda dis-resemblance to the Manga Faye, and her impolitic video thereon, ultimately didn't matter one way or the other.

    If this version of Bebop had been a well written show, it would have been a hit irrespective of how closely it followed the concepts, philosophy, plotlines, and characterization of the original.

  11. Rewatched the anime recently after many years and my wife (Japanese) wasn’t a huge fan. To me it’s a masterpiece so whatever… saw the Netflix live action come up and didn’t bite — you are reassuring my position

  12. For me, the best episodes we’re the ones it adapted from the original anime. I think Adrianne Barbeau was well cast and was impressed that she was restrained and didn’t chew the scenery. The PI episode about Jets back story was also pretty decent. They should have just did it as a straight-forward adaptation with small changes to make it more realistic and so that it could continue if they actually got to the end and were renewed. Maybe shot two endings depending on whether it was picked up or not. Because the best writing was the original writing.

    BTW, your opening titles almost made me deaf. It’s much louder than the audio on the rest of your video.

  13. I think the writers may have bit off more than they can chew with BeBop. It wasn't horrible but, oh boy is there plenty of room for improvement. I would've given this series another season, let the writers delve more into the lore a bit and ease Ed back a bit. There's no need to make her over OVER the top. If Paramount can continue a poorly written series like Star Trek Discovery with no doubt, a much higher budget, Netflix could certainly could've given this show another shot.

  14. I don't understand why Netflix and the producers let all the creative director on the show be talentless hacks, it was all so lifeless. The direction, writing, editing, cinematography, VFX, all of it.

  15. I'll freely admit that I haven't seen that many episodes of the original series with Vicious in them, but isn't he supposed to be a cold, inhuman, ruthless monster? How did the new show end up with this pathetic, minsing drama queen? Vicious is supposed to be terrifying. This guy acts like he needed the word terrifying explained to him, misunderstood the explanation, and instead behaves like a screaming 5 year old trying to look tough.

  16. This is the most footage i have seen from their version of baybap… it sucks. Jet was fine tho. EDIT: Holy shit their vicious is really really really bad, uncanny bad.

  17. Because of a buncha critical assholes we'll never fully see a live action Ed.. sorry gotta get that out. I'm Homer all the way. Ha. Nice Big O and sea lab 2021 reference.

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