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  1. I still can’t believe Sungwon hates FMAB. I think that the worst part is how he keeps lying about it.

  2. So little trivia about that Naruto OP 3, it first aired with episode 54 and last aired with episode 77, but actually it was changed about half way through at episode 62, the song was re-mixed slightly with more emphasis on the string instruments and less on the guitars as opposed to the run of 54-61 where the guitars were prominent and the strings were faint in the background… Not sure why they made this change but it always stuck out to me.

  3. had to watch 4 of these damn videos just waiting for attack on titan, that being said 10/10 would watch again

  4. Bro I was like “man I hope they do Your Lie in April” this time and it was the immediate next song

  5. YES! I’ll have something better to comment in a little while!
    I thought the first AoT opening was called Gurren no Yumiya. Am I mistaken?

  6. As soon as I heard that bell toll before the music kicked in I screamed SAILOR MOON so loud it hurt my throat.

    It's so hard not to get caught up in these guys' frantic energy

  7. I barely know any of the anime listed here but I feel proud to have gotten Ranma 1/2 right immediately 😂

  8. Lol prozd is so animated during this, I like when he gets upset and has to point out nobody asked for the song name and artist

  9. Kaze wo one piece op 12 is in my opinion great, but my first thought was this sounds like a very bad sitcom theme

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