morning walks. 🌻 anime lofi mix

🌻 getting lost in the city.

00:00 Yoann Garel – Moving Romance
02:46 Jordy Chandra – Winter Memories
04:34 Kalaido – Winter’s Love
08:55 Greenface – Reflection (Summer Orange Beat Mix)
11:42 Yoann Garel – Cloud Island
14:40 Quentin Charbit – JAL 123
18:38 HoKø & Lucie Cravero – Hortensia
20:47 JazzyCal – Drifting Memories
22:18 JazzyCal – Out There
25:01 Charlee Nguyen – Where It All Began
27:56 Yuforia – Reminiscence
30:52 Refeeld – Bicycle
33:20 Kirikoukiri & C4C – Wellspring
35:42 HoKø & Lucie Cravero – High Tide
38:42 Mr. Heiwa – Blossom Tree
40:59 Nogymx – Passengers
43:29 Prithvi & HoKø – Crickets and Fireflies
45:59 Enzalla – Macalania Woods
48:06 Yoann Garel – Toxic Forest
51:04 HoKø – Final Dream
53:21 karasu. – miracle
56:46 HoKø & Lucie Cravero – Anchor

59:42 Yoann Garel – Moving Romance
01:02:23 Jordy Chandra – Winter Memories
01:04:10 Kalaido – Winter’s Love
01:08:32 Greenface – Reflection (Summer Orange Beat Mix)
01:11:18 Yoann Garel – Cloud Island
01:14:16 Quentin Charbit – JAL 123
01:18:15 HoKø & Lucie Cravero – Hortensia
01:20:23 JazzyCal – Drifting Memories
01:21:55 JazzyCal – Out There
01:24:38 Charlee Nguyen – Where It All Began
01:27:33 Yuforia – Reminiscence
01:30:29 Refeeld – Bicycle
01:32:57 Kirikoukiri & C4C – Wellspring
01:35:19 HoKø & Lucie Cravero – High Tide
01:38:19 Mr. Heiwa – Blossom Tree
01:40:35 Nogymx – Passengers
01:43:06 Prithvi & HoKø – Crickets and Fireflies
01:45:36 Enzalla – Macalania Woods
01:47:43 Yoann Garel – Toxic Forest
01:50:40 HoKø – Final Dream
01:52:58 karasu. – miracle
01:56:23 HoKø & Lucie Cravero – Anchor

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Charlee Nguyen –
Enzalla –
Greenface –
HoKø –
JazzyCal –
Jordy Chandra –
Kalaido –
karasu. –
Kirikoukiri & C4C –
Lucie Cravero –
Mr. Heiwa –
Nogymx –
Prithvi & Hokø –
Quentin Charbit –
Refeeld –
Yoann Garel –
Yuforia –

Design By ► Eugene Bright
Motion By ► Yoann Garel

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  1. The fact you're reading this is a sign. A sign to keep going, because you're stronger than you realize. A sign to forget the bad things that happened in the past, because it wasn't your fault. A sign to love yourself, because I know that you deserve your love more than anyone else in the world. You're worth it, and I'm so proud of you for being here to read this. Don't let those pesky emotions bring you down, you deserve the world. I love you. <3

  2. Creo que Japon posee un iman , ya sea con su musica, sus paisajes , su gente acogedora en fin ..todo. Y este sitio esta lleno de personas que aman y admiran a este lindo pais, ademas a traves de los comentarios puedo percibir el buen sentir de uds. logrando formar asi un clima de cordialidad lo cual aprecio muchisimo.Gracias por el video y su musica que hacen de este momento algo magico y maravilloso. Felicidades! 🤩💖🎵🎶😍🤗

  3. Take a deep breath and take a moment to calm your mind, heal your soul and let the stress float off your body. You are worth it and deserve to relax and take some time out for yourself with this soothing, calming music. I always love to see where you are watching from across our beautiful world!🥰

  4. Thanks so much for creating this.. just what I need to get work done and enjoy the day! ☕️
    Have an amazing day guys 👋

  5. The only thing I’ve ever wanted is to live in a town like this, if anyone understands and can picture things outside of the image

  6. Highly recommend for studying! while I am listening to this I feel I am living alone in japan with many happy memories!!!

  7. in a few days I'm flying to Japan for the first time in over 3 years and I can't contain my excitement. I will be staying for a year as per my study abroad program. I can't wait to see my dad and listen to the cicadas and I'm going to get so sick of how hot and humid it is. I have mixed feelings because I will miss my friends and family here, but genuinely, I can't believe I'm finally going back, it feels like I've waited so long for this.

    it's 2am and I'm sitting here listening to this. thank you for making such a magical playlist.

  8. The handsome addition probably consider because transaction spectroscopically release minus a alive lyre. lush, sick dock

  9. Japan sounds great, but that coffee shop looks like a 7/11 in San Francisco….and gas station coffee sucks.

  10. Begin this day, remembering that not everyone got the opportunity to wake up from their sleep this morning. The mere fact that you can witness this beautiful day in good health is the biggest sign that you have been abundantly blessed. Blessings

  11. Wow .. Amazing music and videos. Great job I really like everything. I wish you all the best😍

  12. To everyone listening to this, whether you are studying, travelling, just chillin' or otherwise, I hope you have a great day! If you lose focus sometimes, that's okay- just do your best and keep pushing forward, then you will meet your dreams eventually💜

  13. POV: your staying at a hotel and its 7:00 AM. your 8 years old and Your family is hungry and they make dad go walk to get food. Dad would be lonely all alone so you offer to walk with him. You have so much fun walking in the mornings and with your dad. You pick out the yummiest foods your family can eat and on the way back to the hotel, you stop, sit on a bench, and watch the sun rising and make a beautiful memory of you and your dad. You go back and your so glad you got to go walk with your dad. YOu feel so great about sharing your breakfast meal with everybody and make awesome memories.

    Morning walks…Happy fathers day everybody! Spend time with your fathers and cherish every moment because he loves you no matter what! 🙂 remember this…

  14. Hello! Beautiful mix! 🤚 I make japanese lofi (not only) and I'd like to suggest my music for your playlists and mixes! 🙃 You can listen to my music for example on my YouTube channel! If you like and are interested please write to me, thanks! 😅 Thank you very much for your attention! Have a great day! 😊

  15. I am Literally studying Music of Japan rn while listening to this HAHAHA, Right moment, right time, I guess ^^ 😀

  16. So, people one thing we all can agree on is nostalgia is a common human characteristic and is not only confined to our memories… It extends beyond… to the pictures of places we have never been or will never be…

  17. I love lofi beats. Just helps me get through the day and stay productive with my own music! Thanks for this man

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