1. Just so people know, HBO Max has a really good anime selection. All the studio Ghibli films and other stuff

  2. The ad looked so sus. It’s just stock film with stock music with text over it. Looks like a scam from the beginning

  3. Could have went somewhere if they ditched streaming, kept everything else and partnered with a third-rate but complete anime db list.

  4. so glad theyre finally making an ergonomic robert-friendly subscription based FREE anime website!

  5. If your not a weeb. I don't non what a weeb is then… 😂😂😂 Just look at you cos playing as Juses evryday🤣🤣🤣

  6. In my opinion, the Kickstarter owner is a clever bastard, and I give a shred of respect to him.
    The people who decided to sign-up for "free anime" are either idiots who don't know about the cost of anime or just poor souls who don't know pirating sites exist.

    I know it's a crime, but it's a pretty damn good one.

  7. May be in 2070 it would be on the level WHERE AmyChan will sit beside you as you scroll through ANiME

  8. Lmao I would see so many ads of AnimeTube in instagram so many times and would always think how scuffed it looked, even their instagram page looked so bad, like idk… kinda like a SCAM?

  9. The most obvious red flag about an advertisement is when there is slow motion for the entire advertisement,NEVER show the product,put some stupid words on screen and the person basically smiling at anything.

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