Is this Anime Studio Worse Than Mappa?

Animator Threatened After Revealing “HORROR STORIES” at Anime Studio | Mappa Update
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Animator from Anime studio Science Saru recently interviewed with Anime News Network
She described the Anime studio as ‘horror stories’ and discussed ways the anime industry can improve, especially with Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and other streaming giants trying to make anime projects.

Mappa Update with new Chainsaw Man anime studio to improve working conditions.

Are Netflix & Mappa Abusing Animators? (AOT Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw)

Mappa and Netflix have been called out by Mappa animators in twitter.
Ex Mappa animators working on Attack on Titan Season 4 commented on the bad work environment and working on drawing corrections til sunrise.
Animator Ippei Ichi commented on Netflix paying more anime standard pay for anime cuts likely for the Netflix Yasuke Anime produced by Mappa studio
A third animator revealed getting $2 (250 Yen) for in-between animation work, speculated for the Jujutsu Kaisen Movie trailer

Read Interview with Science Saru Ex Employee below

Every Attack on Titan Final Season Blu-Ray Change Episodes 1-8

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Did Mappa Deliver? The Real Reason AOT Season 4 Is GREAT

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 Review

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Who’s BEST SAO Waifu? Asuna, Sinon or Leafa

Mappa showcase showed off Attack on Titan character designs for Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Connie, Armin and Jean.
Hange, Sasha, and Eren were missing.
Mappa Showcase AOT Char Designs and Event info

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Why Did Attack on Titan Season 4 Change Studios?


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  1. Bro, anime live action movies suck ass. Quite literally, there's almost no one that wants them, put more money in the animators hands and just make better anime, no one wants live action shit, it sucks.

  2. Yeah, MAPPA's working conditions are like a factory and that's really bad but this isn't just about one studio, it's about the whole animé industry. But you've gotta admit, MAPPA's animations are top notch and beautiful.

  3. easier said than done honestly. anime studio always work under serious pressure. if you not cut it, they would just fire you.

  4. Japanese animators are CRIMINALLY underpaid. Like, you’re telling me that you’re working on products for an international market, and you get paid the same as a minimum wage worker, for more work?

  5. 12:10 honestly anything´s possible personally i sounds to me Mappa is taking on too much right now i feel a student change for some of it would be best for them
    btw off-topic but i did start watching Vivy just recently love that anime its so good

  6. Sadly it s a problem with the entire Japanese working culture, Not just anime. Afa I know it s like this in most corporate companies n jobs in Japan

  7. For animators in the anime industry, I think all of us wouldn’t mind 1-2 years of development for a series for more time for animators and not get stress or sleep deprivation

  8. Mappa will be the only anime studio to completely ignore the help the animators need from overwork and will create a whole new facility just to expand their overwork toxicity all over japan and act like a couple of wooden chairs and wooden desks will help the overwork problem they have in the studio and miss the chance of ACTUALLY paying the animators a better wage 🤣🤣

    Mappa fans in the comments, take yo copium somewhere else 😹😹

  9. PR move. A new building doesn't change anything for the animators, different building. same sweatshop.
    Instead it even makes it worse for them constructing a new studio requires capital out of their asses. which just translates to them taking more projects in the future to return an investment.

    more hell days for aniamators there at Mappa coming taking so much project even accepting Netflix peanuts rate is not even a good example for the industry. and even them taking on AoT isn't a good impact for the industry as a whole

    Production Committee : "make this anime in 8 months"
    studio : "no we cant make it 1 year at least"
    Production Committee: "Then why can Mappa do it you shit studio we never giving u money again"

    Mappa will take more and more anime projects to cover the costs its just a studio waiting to explode at some point.
    Staff is most important . without staff Mappa is nothing they should realize that.

  10. 4:24, from a westerner's perspective, this might sound contradictive, knowing how work culture works in Japan. But in Japan itself, this is very true and normal, and very stable for them, don't compare too much from US and JP especially the treatment and wages, they are very different compared from east to west, and since the person who was complaining came from west, their reaction (like complaining to things they're not used to) to sudden experience of the harsh work culture is kind of expected

    My explanation might suck, but the situation in a nutshell is just basically like an Eskimo migrating to the desert and trying to survive

    For westerner's perspective, Japan's work culture might be a nightmare and very harsh, but people who actually lived there for very long time would find those very common

    Crunch time, all-nighters, overwork, low-wage, suicide? Very common to them, nevertheless still a problem to both sides, both sides might see it very harsh, but there will be that one side that consider it as an exaggeration

  11. Can you do a video on most horrific childhoods/backstories like Sasuke, Itachi, Gaara, Naruto etc.?! Love your work!

  12. I just wish that going forward in the coming years we see animators getting a way better schedule! Like I can wait another 6months – 1 year if it means the people making it does not suffer! Also please for the love of god at least pay them for the time and effort they give!!

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