Is Anime Getting Worse?

Has Anime Been Declining In Quality Over The Years?
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  1. I miss the softer hand drawn look of Cow Boy bebop, although I love the shiny animation of Karneval and La Corda D'Oro, because they get it right.

  2. the fact that there are more badly written anime that rely on eyecandy  is  bad it just makes  stereotypes  even worse not saying i dont want or like these kind of  shows but its getting out of control

  3. There's been a few gems, but overall, I think it's stagnated a little. I used to find watching ecchi animes funny, until recently. I swear every single genre incorporates it and it's getting beyond silly. I know that Japan is an ageing nation and they're trying to promote sex, but come on… Not only that, but the cliches. Like every anime has a big boobed, red/pink haired female in it, that's short tempered and vulnerable…

  4. I think the main problem, is that anime's cater to 12 yr old girls. There's always a boy falls in love with a girl story-line written in for the young female demographic, which is annoying.  Most of the time it's irrelevant to the story and doesn't need to be included, but for viewers it's essential. Also because so many anime's have been created, it's hard to come up with something unique, because it most likely has been done before or very similar, therefore, creating a very generic anime. Luckily every year there is always 1-2 good anime's that come out.

  5. The best written Anime I have seen in the last 3 or 4 years has to be Zankyo no Terror, Other than that there are too many typical generic shonen shows. too many generic battle shonen, too many generic harems in which the flat chested tsundere wins lol. Quality has dropped significantly due to the majority of shows being generic shonen. Yes there are a odd few possible 4 or 5 shows maximum a year which are ok to watch but when you look at the view of the overall year and how only 4 or 5 shows were considered good, that alone tells you how the quality has dropped. Look at the "Big 3" for example, sure they started out good but they turned into crap. I'm a NH fan btw but still for me Naruto turned to shit. PIS/CIS/Plotholes gosh it just became a mess. Bleach was the fastest to get a decline in fans probably due to Ichigo's lack of development. And One piece… That shit is long not because there is so many chapters or episodes no… It's because it just constantly beats around the bush under the pretense of "World Building" but the main point of the plot gets lost in it which then causes people to lose interest and question "WTF are they doing again?" Shonen has become poorer in quality no doubt!

  6. only thing ive noticed is way too much fanservice now and more and more character designs pandering to otaku.  making it harder to make recommendations without having to worry if any given anime has some cliche boob joke or other pervy crap. lord marksman and vanadis comes to mind – great show but cheapened by stupid titty jokes.

  7. Actually yes and no
    The genre of anime has always been shallow as fuck to me. Anime is only getting better if there are better writers . Anime will get worse if we keep shifty writers . Like M. Night shamalam
    He was good at a time now he sucks
    He's a horrible writer and director so people stop him from making any more movies. Simple.
    It's completely subjective
    But I'm picky with anime
    So most anime is crap to me because of the genre and/or the cringe worthy story.
    The sad thing about a lot of these shows is the fact that intricate story telling and certain genre might be overlooked because of resistance to watch said anime.
    Kinda like how I feel about anime now. .. it's stopping me from finding a good series because of my picky watching. Lol

  8. It's not that anime is getting worse it's just that in today's society we have way more access to anime than we use to which means a lot more access to crap. Crap anime has always been there even back in the 90's. It's just that now with the internet we get equal access to the good and the bad, while in the 90's it was mostly just the good since only the most popular animes just duded and released in the U.S

  9. Not decline, but change (sort of). To begin, I usually find myself fucking with shit along the lines of Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Fooly Cooly, Naruto, all that type of shit – But with newer animes such as AoT, SAO, GL, and KLK, I've never really been able to connect with them. They have plenty of action, descent story (a lot of older animes do usually have better stories), and nice character rosters, but overall (and I can already here the "flamboyant" responses) I feel like they've changed their style, but at their core, their not different or even fresh to me. New is anime is definitely more improved in some areas over older anime (example: being episodic as hell) but other than that, I think it's not coming at me like it used. It's possible I may "grown out of anime" so to speak.

  10. I feel in my own opinion, that protagonist interest tends to play a HUGE role for me in regards of a series to be enjoyable/memorable.
    For me I am just wanting to have those Gene Starwind and Spike Spegiel characters. Manly, grit rough n tumble characters. Gene Starwind was one of those characters that you hate with his sexist remarks but would make up with this awesome development. You want to hate him but you love 'em.

    Now a days, most NOT ALL but most of these characters have rather passive mentalities, lack that since of rebellious youth that most teenagers tend to have, and have some god damn harem following behind them Male protagonist of course I feel its one of the reasons why I have yet to find one anime that I can say, I FUKING LOVE THAT SHOW Kill la kill for me.

  11. I don't think that anime has gone down, I do think there are a lot more moe-blob animes nowadays that could cloud someone's judgement on today's anime. 

  12. Yes, quality is definitely declining. I remember 6 years ago, I was surrounded by quality series, exciting storytelling and strong, relatable, profound characters. Lately, namely for the past 2-3 years, I was just not feeling it anymore. It was like an epidemic in the anime industry. Most of the series cringe-worthy, others generic. I was struggling to find an "A" anime among the annual releases. Subconsciously I knew that quality was dropping dramatically, while quantity and demand for (any) content was increasing DRAMATICALLY, and masterpieces were becoming a rare sight.

  13. Before 2010 I was also felt anime was on a crap roller coaster minus a few gems here and there. However like anything given time it may turn around, a lot of new Anime/manga has come about that has proven to me it's not dead in terms of quality be it a TV, OVA or movie.

  14. Comradery, Sex & Heroics. Everything else is just mechanical & becomes the "style" or "genre" of that product. *That's all folks!*

    One man's religion is another man's entertainment which then either remains entertainment or becomes that man's religion as well. It is never the other way around.

    Remember people, every creator has an ideology/religion they put forth. Money alone does not inspire cause or creativity. Creators must draw upon a source for their material which will provoke & inspire an intended emotional response.


  15. It's not declining but I could do without the whole "little sister" fetish stuff that some animes revolve around.

  16. its getting worse because the anime lovers and otaku's are pervert now they only look at the boobs and body of the anime girl

  17. Anime is getting worse because it's too kid friendly, but then that's where productions make the money, kid friendly enough to put it on cartoon network=Jackpot.

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