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Godmode ft. Lucha – I’m A Monster
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– 𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗠 “I’m A Monster”
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Ooh yeah
I don’t need no liquor and I don’t need no drugs
To feel like I am gifted
To really get that buzz
Cause I just like the music
So that is what I want
Let me bring you all to life cause that’s what I’m on like

Keep this going, do it now
Even though I’m sober
Energy is crazy and I am taking over
I can really write these raps while chilling on the sofa
Cause I am a monster and I came to take it over

Oh ma, I think that I’m a monster
Oh ma, I wished it weighs on my conscious
But it really, really doesn’t
So I tell the truth to you, there is no bluffing like

Mama, mama, mama, I’m a monster
Yeah, I am the lord that’s gonna conquer
So I don’t care what you say
You know I run this
So I been back on my path
I’m really on this

On this level elevating, man I do it now, I really gotta make it
Like I don’t care what they be really saying
So I’m coming through
And I just gotta slay it
I’m a monster, I’m a genius
Man, I’m working so hard
So I don’t really care what they say right now
I rise the top

Woah, I rise to the top, you should, should know
Yeah I ain’t gonna give up oh oh no
Cause I’m a, I’m a monster and you know
That I came to kill it, so here we go
(no, no, no) Oh mama, I’m a monster
(yeah, yeah) Nobody will keep it going like

Oh ma, I think that I’m a monster
Oh ma I wished it weighs on my conscious
But it really, really doesn’t
So I tell the truth to you, there’s no bluffing like

Cause ya’ll ain’t ready for me, I know, I know that
So I’m on this road, I keep on going
Ya’ll try to stop me, I’m like oh no man
You never do it man
I keep on, keep on, keep on going
I keep on moving
We really do this
You think you cut me down hey
Dawg, I am no Judas
Man, I just slay these slayers
I kill these intruders
Cause I been sliding through the best to ever do this like

▪ Anime: Hitori no Shita The Outcast Season 3
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  1. Никто не видел случайно другое amv по этому аниме. Просто я искал нарезку, где они дерутся в заброшке, а потом показывают двух дерущихся стариков в пещере. Само amv меня не так интересует, мне бы саму песню. Это вроде рок…

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