If You Sing or Dance You Lose! (ANIME EDITION)

Try Not to Sing or Dance (Anime Edition) Hard

Part 2:

-You can’t sing or dance
-You can’t lip sync or hum
-You can’t vibe (move any part of your body to the openings)
Have fun C:


  1. I started singing before I even realized it. Well played Admins. Well played. Going to use this as my watchlist starting right now. Start to finish. I've seen a few of them but this should be interesting. Good mix of them. Idk if I can handle Tokyo revengers again though 😥

  2. It's WORSE when you only know like, 10 of these (like I did) but have heard of a few more of the songs. ONE MINUTE, you don't know 5 songs in a row, the NEXT this video hits you with 2 of your FAVOURITE animes.

  3. I made it so far I got past so many op''s that I love but Spy x Family at the very end broke I just couldn't hold it in when that op comes on I just have to sing to it it's too good not to.

  4. polish: A dlaczego nie można śpiewać ani tańczyć? A niech sobie śpiewają i tańczą, kto im zabroni, ty? Głupia zasada.
    english: Why can't you sing or dance? And let them sing and dance, who will forbid them, you? A stupid rule.

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