I went to an anime store…

DisguisedToast and his friends go outside for the first time in months to acquire as many anime things they can find in Japan Town, LA.
Anime. Is. Awesome.

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Outro Track ► “French Toast” by Drew.0 ( co-written and produced by Steven Tran ( )

edited by: twitter.com/_4our_

#DisguisedToast #OfflineTV


  1. I don't know why, but it pains me to hear them say chan and some japanese words wrong even though I'm not japanese. No offense tho

  2. i havent been there in a while but Nijiya market is the best market there and i used to go to Kinokuniya and Anime Jungle but not much anymore
    so fun to see it Little Tokyo again

  3. so sad, i was literally at little tokyo after the bts concert, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO COOL TO SEE THEM THERE

  4. another way toast is like Tomioka is neither have friends they only have work associates

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