I played ANIME SONGS at the Biggest ANIME CONVENTION In the UK


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  1. Was there a Harry potter con as well there? Cuz I think I saw Harry and dumbledore

  2. hurt me when i herd blue bird and my guy didnt know it.
    also your absolutly amazing broski goose bumps

  3. Yeah we got a number one victory Royale yeah fortnite we're about to get down get down my friend just got down I just revived them now we're heading southbound

  4. my god i almost cryed from the beauty of tokyo ghouls first opening and also did i just see a deadpool with a mofo keyblade and i got triggered at the end f*ck sans fight

  5. When there is a message on screen that says jojo cosplayers summoned in 5 he also summoned god after the summoning of the jojo cosplayers

  6. 5:57 in the background the guy with light blue hair and a red costume with spikes is ban (pronounced bon) from the seven deadly sins and 6:10 to the left is a fan of my hero academia

  7. This man is hella talented like I swear bro and I loved seeing all the cosplayers they were so cool

  8. When the envangelion op plays
    Everyone in a 100 mile radius: intense running whilst crying with toast in mouth to the piano*

  9. I would hire the girl with the student cosplay to shoot with me if I were you

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