I found out what the most popular Anime of all time are 🌎 😳


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  1. Me : a weeb that has watched I Chu

    Moriarty the patriot

    How to keep a mummy

    Mgatsu wahriet zuerst

    Assassination classroom


    The promised neverland

    Elaina the wandering witch

    Suppose a kid from the last dungeon boonies moved to a starter town

    Also me who's Pokemon nerd since age 7 and has watched doremon since i was 5: YOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's my childhood!!

  2. Omega lol.
    Pokémon for the win.
    (I wanna be the very best, )
    (Ash didn’t became the best inside the anime but he did outside the anime 🤣)

    And the poster of neon evangelion got changed with magi.

  3. This is the shittiest list I've ever seen. Akame ga kill over demon slayer? More westerners know of demon slayers than Japan's whole damn population.

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