1. If you sufer from disfunctional erection, this may be a great way to correct it, with a few modification:

    Fold the towell a little less, and use a condom instead of a glove.
    The condom is hard in the beguinning and softens as you progress so you can train relaxing the person you are fucking.

    And also this takes you hand out of the equation, which means, no more death gripping or acquiring bad hand habits.

    With time this can give you a more patient and durable erection, as time progresses you can train penetrance power, folding the towell more times.

    I always masturbated with my hands, and I aways watched a lot of porn, this began to causa problems in my sex life.

    But after a couple weeks of no porn, together with this fake fleshlight.

    My sex life is WAAAY BETTER, i can fuck for hours, and if the person needs more care to relax, I an not loosing interest or hardness in my dick.

    Also a side note for virgins, this is very similar to the real thing, maybe it is the modifications I talked about but my god this fellls 97% like the real thing.

    Anyway guys, trans, noon binaries and anyone else who has a dick, i hope my commentary and this video helps you in your problens be it loneliness or performance problems.

    Always remember to practice safe sex, do physical exercise and respect your partner. Have fun

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