"HERO ANIME" All Thematic Event Skins – Apex Legends Season 13

“ANIME GAIDEN” All Thematic Event Skins – Apex Legends Season 13

All the footage was provided by AutismGaming420 make sure to follow his twitter:

These are all the upcoming skins from the gaiden anime thematic event



  1. Should have made a Ryuk skin for Rev…. dude gives off such shinigami vibes. It would have been perfect

  2. what is Wattson skin spouse to be from because I'm curious what it's from and don't know alot of anime

  3. Dont know but would be sick, if they gave Loba a trafalgar Law Skin, her tactical is a bit like shambles

  4. wattson naruto
    revenant eva
    mirage boku no academy(???)

    so after ultraman loba, power ranger seer, come this??

  5. so watson is naruto
    mirage is my hero academia
    rev is evangelion
    octane is one piece
    seer is ? ? ?
    blood is tokyo ghoul
    bangalore is ???
    crypto is dragonball?

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