Guess the Anime Characters ft. Akidearest and Gigguk | Netflix Anime Club | Netflix Anime

Akidearest and Gigguk try to guess Netflix Anime characters based on hints. How well did they do?



About Netflix:
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Guess the Anime Characters ft. Akidearest and Gigguk | Netflix Anime Club | Netflix Anime


  1. "You don't learn anything watching subtitled anime" is biggest lie I've heard. Watching subtitled anime you learn to connect words and phrases to the translation, and get a understanding what it means. I learned a lot from watching Anime alone before I started actually study japanese, and that was because I paid attention to what words was translated into what, especially if it appears more frequent…

  2. That’s the best way to learn Japanese is to watch anime without subtitles and listening to Japanese music as well

  3. I think we all would love to watch Anime without subs. But I know I would love to be able to read manga. There are so many good ones out there.

  4. 3:33 you're grandly mistaken. Unlike Germany and a lot of countries, we in Netherlands have mainly subtitled movies, series, etc. opposed to dubs.

  5. Au contraire, Gigster! You definitely learn Japanese from watching subtitles… If you've been studying Japanese for a little while. You learn when the subtitles are WRONG, or at least misleading. That has helped me in both my conversational and Anime Japanese.😁

  6. what kinda low budget, low energy, sad content, 3rd channel is this???
    WOW! yall will do anything for a buck huh?

  7. iits sad when the bigger anime channels cant get name the names of common characters off of the small list on netflix ive never been so disappointed lmao.

  8. I guess that's a resounding recommendation for subbed anime. Garnt's been learning Japanese from lessons, I've been learning from only subbed anime, I can watch anime without subtitles and he can't

  9. I said it for the other videos and I'll say it again for this one: the lighting makes everybody look ghoulish. The skin tone is just off.

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