(Full version) I gave Undertale's Genocide route an anime opening song

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Full Genocide Undertale Anime Opening! This is a fan made Undertale anime opening that I did the music for by covering some of the various themes from the game! I hope Undertale and anime fans enjoy this Genocide Route Undertale inspired anime opening I created!

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Song: Undertale Anime Opening: Genocide Route Full Version (Beautiful Day)
Cover/Arranging Artists: Thai McGrath

⊹Vocals, Arranging, Production, and Filming by Thai McGrath

Videos Used

Kuwa Cha:

▼ Credits animations ▼

Sans fight kyokyzen :

Underverse by Jakei:


━►Stronger than you (Frisk Response) – RyuO

━►Megalomania – editor.bri

━►Animation -「UNDERTALE」- Chara Response – Fateless Knight

━►Timelapse Undertale PMV – MapleSpyder

━►Undertale amv (Photograph) – KUWA CHA

━►【Undertale】Youth ver. Sans & Chara (Lyric Comic) – Starbeam

━►Undertale – Stronger Than You (Response) – Kur0chi

━►Save The World Undertale MAP parts 9 and 10 for Hazelstiltskin – Frontier Hero

━►Undertale – Sans vs Frisk – (Mini Animation) – MoXiio-Kun

━►S̶t̶r̶o̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶T̶h̶a̶n̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶-̶ ̶U̶n̶d̶e̶r̶t̶a̶l̶e̶ Megalotrousle Animated – oceanrabbit

━►Undertale Map Warrior Part 14 – Golzy Blade Dee

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━►This is Goodbye (Undertale animation Genocide) – s0s2

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━►[Undertale Animation] Broken Promise – ☆NDAnimations☆

━►[Undertale mini Animation] – Chara vs Sans – v0idless

━►Stronger Than You – Sans Parody Animated [WIP] – oceanrabbit

━►[undertale] Don’t Go / いかないで – O nion

━►UNDERTALE: Judgement Hall | Undertale Fan-Animation – SitrukkCurtis

━►Undertale fan animation Sans Fight – Strings
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I do not own any animations from this
Scenes belong to their rightful owners.

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  1. Hi everyone hope you enjoy this! As always it is my sworn duty to get back to as many comments possible! Channel has really blown up lately so no promises but I’ll probably get back to 80% of comments 😁😁😁 Look below for a list of upcoming projects ❤️

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  2. 2 UNDERTALE SPEEDRUN LEEEEESSSSSS GOOOOOOO 1 frisk: frisk going to ruins but there not flower (when you complete 2 times genocide) then toriel shows up and some text frisk with toriel going 2 ruins: there only 1 rule hold up and down and kill ok ruins is not intirresing bc toriel is super easy when frisk kill she we going to 3 snowdin: there real choise we can go for neutral or genocide we going on genocide (creator pls don't do neutral that hard to type plssss) ok there will another weapon (i forgot to type all weapons i type it in end of story) after killing all of all we going (i forgor to type lamp) to pap we JUST KILLING HIM without problem oh no there problem 4 F**** WATERFALL: ( don't like water fall it's cool BUT UNDYNE ON GENOCIDE ROUTE YOU =💀) after hard questions with flowers we take it and there we g o… monster kid jk 5 UNDYNE IMMORTAL: THAT FISH HAVE THAT NOT MY LOVE SPEARS MY HATEFULL ATTACK IT WHERE MANY SPEARS GOING TO YOU FOR YOU DIE AND AFTER ♾TIMES YOU TRY YOU DO IT YOU KILL UNDYNE we going on easiest location in game 6 hotland: there only what can kill you monsters after killing monsters we going to 7 C O R E: really danger place in end to mettaton neo there monsters in what come from hardcore after killing monsters we going too (drum sound) mettaton neo that easy 1 hit to meatton neo = 💀 8 mother spider: bc we have 999999999999 quantilion attack and the easiest boss than a skeleton covers the roof with SKELEpizza (who don't understand this is) 9 sans: easiest boss what u can't kill him bc he dodge and have only 9999999999999999999999999999 another au what can easily kill you without problem like dust tale or killer sans and insanity sans AFTER TRYING KILL SANS MORE THAN INFINITY WE DO IT 1 0 chara: most not see character in game but she power full after some thing we going to the end chara destroy the world and everything the end… (thank you for awesome song i like finnal and there all weapons 1 stick 2 toy knife 3 tough glove jojo reference 4 ballet shoes 5 torn notebook 6 burnt PAN 7 empty gun 8 worn dagger 9 real K N I F E weapon) and the most dangerious weapon DOG DOG is god no DOG is more powerfull than god (thx you and pls when you see this don't make neutral route we love you❤)

  3. T̡̯̂͗h̗̲̗͊̏͝e̝̦̾͊ ͍̜̋̔J̹͕̠̈̄͝ŭ͖d̖̫̟̆̃̎ge̦̬͗̚ W̢͖̯̗̪͊̿͐́͑h̦̝̫̽̇̈́o̢͈͕̰͒̀̄͝ ̦̻͂͠Ğ̼͕͙̏͆̚͟a̧͓͚͒̓̈́v͔̳̩̀̀̑̉͟e̼̯͇̥͊͑͑͠ ̞͕̝̠̍̆̑̐̚͜U̧̗̺̬͖̿̄̿́͠p̢̰̖͋͋͠͝ͅ ̯̜͈̊̀̓͑̒ͅͅH̼̤̆̓ǫ̒̉͜p̺̲̮̏̅̏͑͟ȩ̙̹̝̈̈̋͌

  4. Damn! I really enjoyed this! This is defiantly going on my playlist when I draw! 😀

    On that note, I wonder how you feel if someone would of use this in their video, say intro? 😉
    Anyway, either way, keep this up man! 😛

  5. You can tell how in pacifist when " determination" is said it's more like "hey keep going" where in this one it's said in more of a mad way like "KID STOP HAVING DETERMINATION"

  6. Coming again to hear this, wjat get me most in the contrast between pacifist and genocide route is that in one you will reach the happy ending and nothing will stop you as long as you have determination and genocide is the opposite, no matter what you will kill everyone and even if undyne in her unding form and sans fight togheter with you it would be useless and one time you will figute out how to kill them

    I just love this game and this song just make everything better, great work dude!

  7. Honestly, this is much worse than pacifist opening. Words repeating too much, and the music completely doesnt fit genocide, it sounds like a bit changed pacifist.

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