Epic Noob Grinder Vs Anime Fighters Simulator (No Bobux Challenge)

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Street Fighter EX2 Plus – Flash Train (Sega Genesis Remix)

Gaming Cyberpunk Techno by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Lie

Rob Gasser – Supersonic [NCS Release]

Cyberpunk Hardwave Game Music by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Soft Evil

Resident Evil Outbreak OST HD – 24 – Third Times the Charm

Shiro Sagisu – Lucifers Dance (Rayden Remix)


  1. How does he reach the fate map while using no robux with beating the quest with only 115 hours while im still sitting here using no robux and am only at 9 crimes island and i've spent 125hours of gameplay?

  2. Bruhhhhhh he is sureeeeeeely faking bro definitely I have 220 hours playtime I don't even have shiny Legendary from that map and how the hell did this guy get 4 luck huh

  3. 21:52 how he got soo much yen and bruh he is definitely lying he has bought all gamepass he hid his luck damage yen everything if we is not pay to win then why he hid that huh ?? Trynna fool us don't believe him

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