Collection Tour Part 2! 1200+ Manga Collection, Anime Figures, Statues, and More!

Hey guys, happy Halloween weekend! As promised here is Part 2 of my anime and manga collection tour! In the video, I show you guys the rest of the manga, anime figures, art, anime statues and more that I have in the collection.

I’ve included links to everything I mentioned in the video, including display cases, art, and what not below!

Display Cases
Billy Bookcases

Storage for extra figure and gunpla parts
It looks like the one I purchased is now discontinued but there are similar cases. You might be able to find similar storage options on Michaels or Container Store.

Artists mentioned in the video
Simon K Bell
Mike Mitchell
Shepard Fairey
SDCC 2018 Viz My Hero Academia Print (Sold out but you can find it on sites like eBay)

If you have any questions about anything in the video, let me know in the comments and thanks as always for watching!

Favorite places to buy anime statues:
Sideshow Collectibles
Spec Fiction (Use code ANIMECOLLECTIVE for $10 USD off your order)
Comic Concepts

Favorite places to buy manga:
Right Stuf

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