BLEACH Anime Cancelled!? | WHY BLEACH ENDED | BLEACH Explained

In this video I explain why the BLEACH anime ended in March 2012, and why its hiatus was necessary for the BLEACH anime to return in October 2022. A lot of people assume that bleach was cancelled 10 years ago, not looking into the actual facts and the circumstances surrounding the BLEACH anime at the time. Hopefully this video proves to you the logic and reasoning behind why the BLEACH anime had to stop in 2012, and why I believe it was good.

Noriyuki Abe & Masakazu Morita Q&A:

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  1. I always wondered why bleach anime ended in 2012 this video helps me understand much better I had the feeling I think you said before they don't want to create more filler arcs rather they give the manga more time to develop its final arc I think this is a great idea

    I think bleach anime suffered in quality due to the filler content I feel like a bleach kai is needed to get a better & more faithful adaptation of bleach manga who knows if they'll consider that I just hate how e.g. they referenced bounts in the arracar arc & I'm like the heck I have 0 idea who they are lol it's more annoying to sit through the arracar arc because the anime staff HAD to put filler in between this is why naruto & bleach are notorious for their fillers despite liking those shows

    Anyways when bleach returns I do expect some filler but probably it's there to extend the plot & lore of the 1000 years blood war arc they have 0 excuse to put random ass filler you get me? I mean they shouldn't be in any pressure adapting this arc right because there's no manga continuing? I only like fillet where it extends the lore & story like give us more interesting details about the character & MAYBE…comedy but again save that to the end not in between arcs you get me?

    One piece had pacing issues before & how about now? I didn't notice that lol I am behind on this long anime…

  2. I have searched for that specific Q&A from Abe and Morita for such a long time now and had only been able to find articles transcribing the questions and answers, great job digging up the video and thank you for linking it in the description..

  3. Bruhhhhh!!!!! Don't you ever and I mean ever scare me like this ever again in your life 😡🤬🤬🤬🤣😂🤣😂 ngl, you got me real good wit that title fareal. Whew! So relieved now though. My heart started to race. I legit felt like Ron Burgandy lmao. "I'm in a glass case full of emotions!" Had about 10 different mood swings reading your title lmao. Gj 👏👏

  4. Thanks DBZimran to make me remember my love for Bleach. Everytime I watch one of your videos I get emotional because I remember watching the anime or reading the manga back in my high school days. BLEACH NEVER LEFT! BLEACH IS HERE!

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