Best Anime Fights of Winter 2022

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Here’s a list featuring my favorite confrontations and battles this winter season, and trust me, there are quite a lot of them. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your list below. For more Top 10’s and anime-related videos subscribe!

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  1. Tengen vs Gyutaro was by far my favorite fight scene in demon slayer, let alone anime, ever

  2. Havent watched your videos in a while…good take I need to check out Ranking of Kings

  3. Other fights were just what we expect from a shonen fights. But AOT episode Restrospective is pure RAW fights and no one even comes close.

  4. Why is no one talking about 9 scabbards vs kaido in ep 1004 it was definitely better than atleast ace vs yamato it was top tier animation

  5. The Ranking of Kings looks amazing! Never see it before. Yeah Nr1 for demon slayer. That episode was one of the best episode i watch in my life of 20 years in anime. Truly glorious

  6. For me the boijj fight was the best as from a visual and metaphoric stand point it is on another level.

  7. Not gonna lie these types of videos are reason why I watch some of the mainstream anime. Minus AOT and Demon Slayer

  8. Props to both staff of Mappa and Ufotable for working hard to my two favorite animes🥰 and it's Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan

  9. And stop ruin 2022! for days or weeks or months! Or whatever! Please! And thank you! Or not! Because it's complicated that part that I just saying on this comments you know that thank you or not

  10. even demon slayer sound design is on another level… especially with the entertainment district arc climax.

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