BEASTARS Season 2 OP (Clean) | Kaibutsu – YOASOBI | Netflix Anime

It’s almost 2021, which means BEASTARS season 2 is on the way. Summon your inner carnivore and bite into the creditless opening, featuring “Kaibutsu” by YOASOBI.


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BEASTARS Season 2 OP (Clean) | Kaibutsu – YOASOBI | Netflix Anime

Accepting his predatory instincts, Legoshi vows to become stronger for Hal’s sake. Meanwhile, the herbivore killer is still on the loose.


  1. This is like the only anime show I watched where cgi is a good part of the show. Like the cgi works for the characters and the animation is done really well.

  2. This show has professional production, but is so amateurish in every other way. Did a teenage fan of the show make this video? I can't tell.

  3. Love the song but I hated so much that the visuals was just reusing cgi scenes of the first season, such a missed opportunity considering the poster for season 2 looked so good. Plus there were so many new characters to introduce. I pray that the final season gets a full creative animation for the opening and not just a repetition of previous cgi scenes.

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