Badass Anime Moments Tiktok compilation PART132 (with anime and music name)

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  1. Bro I love your vids they are the best. My one very small critique is when you play set fire to the rain there are sounds I can only describe as the sound that is made when you knock over pins with a bowling ball then a scream. This addition to the song is very mild but slightly irritating. I understand it’s probably just to prevent like copyright or something but besides that one small feature, your vids are the best

  2. What are these f***ing random ads like a m*********er like it’s just like right after merch add it’s a m*********ing another ad can I even call it an ad but bro what is it

  3. Thank you for all the hard work you do ,love the anime and music ,found some good anime and songs because of you so Thank you for putting in all the names of all the anime and music you used

  4. Hey ohayo I've been a long time wacher and I honestly don't like that other wired animation that comes out

  5. 5:45 it’s keraunos killer but it sounds like it was slowed down but I’m not sure cause the song is already pretty slow

  6. bro is onepiece your favrout anime because have not watched it yet ant i am planning to so pls dont give spoilers

  7. Can we appreciate how he puts the names of the anime at the bottom of the screen 😊😊😌😌😌

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