BADASS ANIME MOMENTS TIKTOK Compilation Part 84 (Anime and Song Names)

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  1. Reevaluation of the self. What have ye become? You'll never find the light to remove the darkness in your unsparked body. You weeb abominations of the archons, no star shall guide you in the clearest of nights, no wind will blow your sail even in the most intense of gales. You and your archonic weeaboo kinds lack Synesis to appreciate the light of the world of the Aeons. You are far away, far away from the light. Ask yourself, ''What have I become?'', ''Will I ever find my place in the sun?'', ''Will I ever find Jerusalem?''. Weeaboos are far away from the light, their mind shrouded with instinctive darkness of the material realm dominated by the archetype of the ego. Otakus will never hold anything dear to their true egotistical selfish wrathful sarkic indignation. Unlike a leaf on the wind, a weeaboo will never land on their place on the sun. Sarkics draining the light of Sophia bringing upon the archons. You shackle the Elpis brought upon by aeons from the tree of life. You drain the pneuma upon the ethos of the Pleroma. Would the tide of change go in favor to the power of the archons? The weeb flourishes free in the modern age with no regards to the pneuma of the aeons. The weeaboo is free to spread their dominion upon the pneumatics. The Pleroma holds against the horde of hylics unleashed upon by androgynous archons forces under the Demiurge. The weeaboo is a seducer like an archon to normalize savagery of the flesh, the lowest of the mind, the instinctive level, the Sarkic weebs. The sarkic abomination of the Demiurge. What wrath shall thee unsleash upon the material world? Weeaboo abomination subjugation of the instinct upon the divine intellect. The Sagrada Familia is an epitome of the power of the divine intellect gifted by the aeons. You and your weeb kinds are unknowingly shrouding the gift of the divine intellect in humanity by spreading lies made by the archons to which you conceive to your marriage with the flesh. You are at the far end of the tether and when your thoughts won't fit together you'll need to deprogram your mind. It's like seeing a new day. Just what you need to make you nearer to the light. Ekklesiastikos Ainos pneuma rejuvenated by the star dust beyond the Material realm. You are a gross group of fetishists of young people. You have made a gross cultural materialist perversion of Gaia's innocents. A core part of the consumption crisis that weeaboos exploit is the perceived lustfulness thought by weebs in children. This subjugation of archonic weebs over innocents that can't express to adults their thoughts is a way for weebs to take the image of children and replace them to become one with the Demiurge. The profound blocking of genetic diversity done by weebs to the nature of the innocence of children is to ensure that weebs destroy the age of consent and weebs would now completely take the image of Gaia's children and fulfill their sarkic desires. The unprincipled exception of archonic transcription to tolerate a hierarchy of The Loyal Society of the Flesh. The metabrain of the archonic weeaboos pervades society to enshroud the inherited light through metagenesis locking human psyche that would guarantee reign of the Egotistical self that the Shadow hold inside our repressed self that reach back to the realm of our animal ancestors. The weeaboo guarantees such a transformation to occur and continue the rule of the Demiurge to block the light from reaching the Pleroma. The principle of natural selection does not require it, selection can operate rapidly. The weebs are a psychological rapid evolutionary deviated offshoot from the Homo Sapiens Sapiens species naturally selected by archonic forces. Geneticist Goldschmidt continued, every once in a while a macromutation might, by sheer good fortune, adapt an otaku to a new mode of life, a "hopeful monster" in his terminology. Macroevolution proceeds by the rare success of these hopeful monsters, not by an accumulation of small changes within populations. The mutant gene produces its effect by changing the rates of partial processes of development. These significant change of genetic phenotype causes the individual to new behavioral changes. Response to external stimuli is drastically changed by macromutations to account for change in the phenotype of the individual. This drastic change leads to the fulfillment of the increase of the darkness inscribed into an individual. The individual loses their control on their behavior which their environmental influences, in this case fandom obsession, takes over and becomes the primary role of the individual's character, metacognition, evaluation of social constructs, perception of reality, fictional precedence over thoughts and feelings, and losing the ability to distinguish different unique precedences. These psychological change of character of an individual is due to environmental and genetic factors inhibiting normal development of the weeaboo. Why would different partial processes of development be a significant factor to a species? Of what possible use are the imperfect incipient stages of useful structures? What good is half a jaw or half a wing? The concept of preadaptation provides the conventional answer by permitting us to argue that incipient stages performed different functions. The purpose of behavioral changes on the Homo Sapiens Sapiens in regards to the creation of an established preconceived behaviors is that these major adaptational changes in behavior is that it serves as a purpose to stall the creative useful potential behavior of the individual to the point that they unknowingly use material and informational capacity and to waste these resources in order for it to be diverted for selfish and anti developmental capacities that which their logos is diverted to the self which makes them economical and genetic burdens to both society and nature due to egotistical restrictions brought upon by environmental and genetic factors. The archons permeate these genetic phenotypes through increasing hormonal inputs of the individual. The environmental factors that change perception and behavior of an individual is because of the creation of artifacts, any medium anime related, that imbues perception of hormonal change that affects metacognitively only to those whose genetic development has been altered through genetic macromutation. The effect of these genetic and environmental changes to a weeb´s behavior is behavioral isolation due to speciation with their egotistical changed cognition. Behavioral isolation occurs when populations of the same species begin to develop different behaviors that are not recognized or preferred by members in another population. This so called behavioral isolation of sympatric speciation that creates changes to an individual from the same member of a species in the same geographic feature. Because there is no mate recognition between a weeaboo and non-weeaboo due to their behavioral isolation and their genetic and environmental deviations and differences..

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