ANIME Volleyball in Real Life 🏐

Bringing Anime and Volleyball to real life in the most epic way possible!

How we brought Anime Volleyball to Life ►

Thank you for the amazing Haikyuu Anime show that was the inspiration behind this short film and a massive thank you to everyone who dedicated their time, passion, skills, and energy to make this possible 🙏🏻

Directed, created, written, and edited by Omar Zaki
Story & Dialogue Assistant: Brett Metter
Filmed by Josh Mabie, David Alarcon, Dominique Smith, Jake Hinga, Omar Zaki, and Amy Baldwin

Orange Team:
Omar Zaki
Brett Metter
Amy Baldwin
Joseph Oreste
Kyle Soderman
Lea Cochet

Black Team:
Nathan People
Jeremy Rivette
Toru Uchikado
Nykki McGee
Tavon McVey
Xavier Dillingham

VFX by Alex Cromwell

Chris Carlone
Epidemic Sound

Special thanks to
Bri Marie Korin
Julia Elizabeth
Lorena Abreu
Jake Hinga
Tanner Rosenberg
Joe Zieja
Taylor White
Caitlin Hutson
Wes Preston

Ending artwork by Lorena Abreu

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Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens:
Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Lens:
Atomos Shinobi Monitor 5.2”:
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  1. you couldn't have captured the feel of haikyuu any better as silly as it is anime brought to life was so much fun to watch !!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this so much! It reminds me of the most recent season of Haikyu!! Loved it!

  3. Damn bro… This is incredible and so on point.. Where are the views… I'm sharing it to every anime fan right now.. You need love and support.. Btw Jaby introduced me to your channel…

  4. Really awesome guys loved it, I shared it with my anime freinds they loved it too, keep doing awesome stuff like this all the very best

  5. Bro how tf this vedio only got 8.1K views in 12 days.
    What the f king Anime fans doing!!!!!!! Watch this s..t!!!!!
    I really mad that this vedio and effort they put deserve a lot more.

  6. Brilliant 😂 loved it, I watched It on Jabys channel. Can you make such videos on more topics.

  7. This brought a huge smile to my face along with tons of goosebumps. You captured all of the joy and wonder of the anime genre. Great job to you all

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