▶️ Welcome to the guess the anime opening challenge!🎶
🍥 You have 10 seconds to guess the opening of the anime
🍥 Will you be able to do it? Try it

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🎵 Track: Dragon Ball GT – Dan Dan Remix by Dj Mosquito

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  1. This vid made me remember anime I watched and forgot really feel refreshed after watching this vid

  2. Cool, the edit the anime the song,you must be long for editing this anime I like the Demon slayer opening BTW 😉

  3. 5 out of 50… guess I skip too many ops now just to get through the shows. Watched about 20 of these and about 10 others are too iconic to miss so there's no excuse really!
    Is it an audio meme that all anime music quizzes have to either start or end with AoT?!

  4. JoJo op 5 season – 6 season?
    Dragon ball 1 season? 131 episodes?
    Dragon ball – 5 sesons, 798 episodes.

  5. I knew the tower of god opening because that’s my show and I was like “bruh what show is this” and then I got sad

  6. I gotta pay attention to openings now because I watched like 80% of these but barely recall the openings

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