Anime Moments Where The Bullies Got What They Deserve.

Being a medium that is full of tons of stories based around schools there is no surprise that there are tons of school bullies in the anime realm. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an emotional or physical bullying, still it’s the most horrible thing someone can do. Here are moments in anime where the bullies got what they deserve.

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anime names:-

00:38 fruit basket 2019
02:12 Magical Girl Raising Project
03:13 Higurashi when they cry: rei
04:28 magical site girl
06:14 Shadow star narutaru
07:57 Vivid strike
09:20 elfen lied

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Thumbnail – magical site girl

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when you bully the wrong person.


  1. Elfen Lied is a great anime! Im not into anime but my gf said I should watch it with her. 10/10 we re-watch it every now and then

  2. "kinda" satisfying leaves something to be desired. it was absolutely satisfying.. fulfilling, even. it is infatuating to watch people get what they deserve, animated or otherwise.

  3. I always find it unsatisfied when they die quickly, or die at all. The bullies should live and suffer long with their consequences and regret their actions. Trauma or permanent injuries are more satisfactory.

  4. does not matter it its woman, man, child, adult or elder. when it hurts others without reason, they deserve torment, pain, helpless feeling and suffering.
    i remmember myself havin problem with cops after beating guy who molested random woman to pulp (literally). breakin his arm, kickin his head and smashing his genitals was what he deserved. we dont need more like him on this world after all.

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