Anime Lover | Prasanna Lama | THANK YOU FOR 30K+ SUBSCRIBES. Arigato

Thank you for the immense support
I am really glad to get all these love from you guys in this short period.
I had learned a lot and there’s more to learn and I really enjoy bringing smile on your faces.
So, I am humbled and grateful.
Love you all guys. (Sent with love effect)

Title:- Anime Lover
By: Prasanna Lama ( Mr. Happy )
This Video is Only For Entertainment purpose.

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  1. Many cosplayers are being bashed about their cosplays in tiktok. I thought this was fun content at first but now I'm really getting offended. All these newcomers who are spreading hate in community have no idea about the efforts cosplayers put into cosplaying their fav character. This 'ratnapark' content is really getting out of hand. Remember with great platform comes great responsibility. Be very careful about statements that you make. Better apologize about it.

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