Anime Games ARE BACK?!

Netmarble is taking over the world of anime games, with two extremely good looking titles. New Seven Deadly Sins game and new Solo Leveling game for consoles, PC and mobile. This really looks like a big step up for anime games, let’s hope they don’t disappoint.



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  1. Ban worries me, how do you balance an immortal? Everyone can be balanced I feel especially with their weapons giving them a boost and Meliodas getting his power back and still growing. But Ban is always relative to meliodas in s1 and is immortal

  2. “Are they gonna be released in japan & korea only”

    Since they’re releasing on consoles, there are only 2 good consoles in existence which is xbox and ps

  3. People are forgetting this isn’t only “7DS” this is the entire verse so they will have characters from 4KOA I cannot wait hopefully all the sins and 4 knights are confirmed playable characters

  4. Most people know that both these games will most likely include gachas so do with this info what you will, it really doesn't bother me but I know how picky most people are that they just can't ignore things like that

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