Anime Characters who Limit Their Powers

➤ Theme: Anime Characters who Limit Their Powers
➤ About the video: Welcome to the AnimeWorld. In this video I bring to your attention: Anime Characters who Limit Their Powers
➤ In this video, I made a list of anime characters who restrain their strength, as well as characters who restrain their strength not intentionally were taken into account
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  1. Kaido Shun i probably the strongest on this list…. those bandages nullify his powers completely lol

  2. Biscuit Krueger’s strength isn’t suppressed when she is in her kid form. Killua says that Gons adult form is nothing like Biscuits because it actually increased his strength when he sees him fighting Neferpitou. At least it doesn’t decrease her Nen.

  3. The rest limit their strength becuase of they want fights to be challenging or not loose themseleves
    But then there's them:
    Saitamand okuyasu

  4. If broly didn’t have that limiter he would literally kill himself because of too much power

  5. Milims gloves to not restrict her power
    They were a gift from rimuru and that's the only reason she wears them

  6. Might guy doesn't have weights and also that would increase the damage but lower speed witch they clearly didn't need

  7. You forgot that naruto had a seal that restrained the nine tails' power in the first series

  8. So you are telling me midoriya > broly ? And saitama > anti spiral ?
    Anti spiral 1% > saitama
    And broly base > midoriya

  9. Deku doesn't even hurt himself with his quirk anymore. At this point it's just to not kill other people. He one-shot Muscular using a percentage of his power so insignificant that Horikoshi didn't bother putting a number in. Deku has grown too strong for his own verse.

  10. Only people who watch Saiki. K will understand this: shun Kaido wears bandages to limit his strength


  12. This sure is a lot of characters who limit their powerful powers now what do I do with this information

  13. Ah yes kaido is so broken he can beat goku with his pinky thank goodness for them bandages

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